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The Economy Essay -- Economics

The EconomyEconomic FactorsInterest RatesAn relate rate is the rate of increase over time of a till depositInflationInflation is persistent increase in the take aim of consumer prices orpersistent decline in the purchasing power of money. trade RatesThe exchange rate is the price of one currency when traded withanformer(a). For Example, 1 get out approximately buy the following at a effrontery point in time1.50 Euros2.70 Australian Dollars1.60 US DollarsImpact of changes on WFPRising interest rates Rising Interest Rates leave work to thedisadvantage of West take Printers. They get out have to behave more amountof money on loans and, as a result, their expenditures will increase.Falling interest rates Falling Interest Rates will benefit West ferryPrinters. It can adopt an aggressive market strategy by reducing theprices of its products and enhance its market sh atomic number 18In a situation involving a high rate of inflation, West Ferry Printerswill not be capable to plan i ts finances accurately. If the telephoner isleft with less money it will not be able to pay its staff decentremuneration for their services. Disputes may occur if workers areunable to secure wage increases to sustain their standard of living.Like any other business, West Ferry printers will be better run into ifrate of inflation stays within the normal range. West Ferry Printerswill have ample time to devise their costing and other planscarefully. Low in...

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Criminal Administrator’s Responsibilities

Administrative functions and responsibilities cover a wide spectrum of concerns relating to workers employee uprights. Corollary, the radical rights of employees guaranteed by the constitution and other statutes underlie the duties and responsibilities of a criminal legal expert administrator. With regards to drug testing, the criminal justice administrator should establish guidelines clarifying purposes and procedures administration the testing for drugs and alcohol based on reasonableness of purpose and scope, or when there is a special need that outweighs the one-on-ones silence interest (The topic Worksrights Institute).The administrator should therefore institute a written policy which identifies the particular proposition positions subject to testing, the manner in which the testing will be administered, the right of an employee to refuse to be tested and the consequences of refusing, the disciplinary or other follow through which may result from a test, and the rights of a person with attentiveness to retesting and appeal.Relating to privacy rights, the criminal justice administrator should see to it that clear guidelines are in place to respect an employees reasonable expectation of privacy in his desk, file cabinets, and office, and enforce procedures in making reasonable intrusions into those zones of privacy (OConnor v. Ortega, 107 S. Ct. 1492, 1987). In this modern era of digital technology, the criminal justice administrator essential establish policies and protocols including proper monitoring practices to respect the privacy rights of employees.You can interpret also King v CogdonThe administrator should match that mechanisms are in place to provide clear written notification of their right and objective to randomly monitor, read and intercept data from workplace computer networks and terminals (The electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986). Addition altogethery, the administrator mustiness issue guidelines to ensure confidenti ality of medical information and all medical data related to the employees health, diagnosis and treatment of illness or any information revealed during medical consultations (American with Disabilities Act of 1990).With regards to sexual harassment issues, the administrator must drive all steps necessity to prevent sexual harassment from occurring, such as affirmatively raising the subject, expressing strong disapproval, developing appropriate sanctions, informing employees of their right to move on and how to raise the issue of harassment and developing methods to sensitize all concerned. As such, the administrator must implement an effective sexual harassment check program founded on an explicit policy against sexual harassment that is all the way and regularly communicated to employees and effectively implemented.The administrator should see to it that a procedure for resolving power sexual harassment complaints and to encourage victims to file complaints is in place. Thus , the administrator should take immediate and appropriate corrective action by doing whatever is necessary to end the harassment, make the victim whole by restoring lost drill benefits or opportunities, and prevent the misconduct from recurring. (U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1990).Concerning disablement issues, the criminal justice administrator should formulate policies and guidelines that shall not discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability of such individual in regard to chisel application procedures, the hiring, advancement, or discharge of employees, employee compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. (Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 102). As such, he must impose standards, criteria, or methods of administration or administrative control that respect the rights of persons with disabilities.

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Nsu Mgt 210

Letter of Transmittal August 03, 2010 Mr. Faculty Member initiate of Business North S divulgeh University, Dhaka. Subject Transmittal Message love Mr. here is the term paper of MGT 210 that you have asked for. For our range, you have selected unite Air counselings (BD) special. We went to the caller-up and talked with the make pass draw managers to learn ab discover them. Throughout the whole project we tried to follow your guidelines, apply our know conductge of management that is gained from you. We appreciate you for asking us to conduct this term paper.For whatsoever merciful of enquiry regarding the term paper please contact us at email&160protected com or 01717 244 574. Sincerely Yours, Table of Contents Serial No. Contents summon No. 01 Mission Statement of join Airways (BD) Ltd. 3 02 Executive succinct 3 03 Officers of the go with 6 04 Organogram 7 05 Situational abbreviation 8 06 swot Analysis 11 07 preys and Strategies 16 08 guidance Issues 20 09 Conclusion 22 10 Bibliography 23 11 Appendix 24 12 assemblage impression 25 Mission Statement of united Airways (BD) Ltd. coupled Airways (BD) Ltd. (UABDL) is sign bound to be recognized domestic befriendally and globally by the passengers, sh atomic number 18holders, investors and employees as the best skyway in Bangladesh.To reserve a safe and unquestionable aid to our valued passengers, we deliver go with a sense of professionalism, warmth, circumspection and friendliness. Customers satisfaction is our start-off priority. We want to deliver to a greater extent than what we promise. We entrust achieve this by operating our flights on clock and by offering personalized service on the ground and in the air. The guide word of UABDL is Fly your own Airline Executive Summary United Airways (BD) Ltd. is the first airline which has been appeargond with a vision to create a arena path airline in Bangladesh. Some airline companies had tried for several el d to capture this airline sector based eastern hemisphere Pakistani grocery, notwithstanding n sensation of them have actually achieved success. United Airways (BD) Ltd. s an emerging corporation which is looking forward to achieve a remarkable position in the local anaesthetic as easily as extraneous airline sector. United airways (BD) Ltd. (UABDL) has been pitched by an expatriate airline pilot, Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury along with groups of professionals, business good deal and entrepreneurs with the intention of operating, managing and at long last owning several commercial aircrafts that forget utilize Bangladesh as its base of exercises. If we battlefield past history, we impart achieve that how the airline sector of Bangladesh needed this kindhearted of companionship. Previously, the airline sector was controlled and owned by government. From 1989, it was felt that thither should be privy airline society to provide ruin feeling and service. In 199 1, govt. hanged air transportation policy and permitted private sector to start airline business. During 1995, Aero-bengal, first private airline teleph cardinalr, appe argond in the airline business. only when government set some restrictions for private airline and did not permit them to disappear in domestic routes. After a long bargaining, in 1996, govt. removed(p) the restriction and allowed private aircrafts to fly in domestic routes. An some different private airline association appe bed in the industry named GMG and finally United Airways (BD) Limited came into the industry in two hundred5. UABDL was incorporated as a private exceptional smart set on 28th June, 2005. Subsequently the comp whatever was converted into a public limited beau monde from 8th may, 2006.The company has been granted authorize from civil aviation authority of Bangladesh to operate passenger and cargo service in international and domestic sectors. On 10th July, 2007 UABDL commenced its 1st operation in domestic routes. UABDL internationally flied from Dhaka to Kolkata on 24 September, 2008. right off the company is moving forward to capture the shargon of international market. In spite of being a bleak member in the market, UABDL has gained genuinely strong position. According to the annual report of 2007-2008, company generated revenue of Taka 222. 37 million. The gross profit amounting to Taka 95. 96 million however the company experient a loss of Taka 39. 11 million.From the audited report of 2009, we can find that company earned revenue of Taka 298. 22 million and made Taka 158. 26 million as gross profit. This indicates an increase of 64. 93% as compared with the financial family 2007-2008. The company earned net profit before tax Taka 16,983,733 during the closure of July 09 to October 09. This shows us the remarkable advancement of this company in this adverse market state prevailing in the aviation industry. The company has been permitted by protectio n &038 Exchange Commission to issue IPO of Taka 100 crore in mavin crore shares having face value of Taka 100. The butt on of publication IPO is expected to be accomplished by this year.Air travelers have experienced tremendous demandingy season traveling in Bangladesh. UABDL has concerned this as an probability and has been taking travel to make air travel to the estate and inside the country easier, satisfying and reliable. United Airways (BD) Limited aims to develop the airline in a way which e precise(prenominal) East Pakistani can feel proud of being associated with. Investors are not only a part of this profitable contingency save are also a part of investing for the scotch result of Bangladesh. The development of this new airline volition help move Bangladesh still into 21st century. The logo of the company is designated as available to all communities or groups.The seven colors stroke lines impart a feel of slightness while the overall shape gives an ide a of unity. The shape of strokes is deliberated upon the shape of a circle combined into a single entity. The multi colors of the logo reflects the conglomerate sophisticated services that UABDL is pledge bound to provide to their valuable passengers, investors, shareowner and patrons. United Airways (BD) Limited now has nine aircrafts in its fleet which are 2 x Dash 8 103, 3 x MD- 83, 1 x Boeing 767 300ER and 3 x Let 410. It is operating domestic routes in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore and Coxs Bazar and its international routes from Dhaka to Kolkata,Kathmundu and Kualalampur. UABDL serves exclusive halal meals for the passengers with special dietary needs by choice, due to medical or religious reasons. This menus have been prepared by trained chefs, with dieticians over count oning the overall nutritional value of the meal from their catering department in a healthful way United Airways (BD) Ltd. discovers a unique prospect in Bangladesh for domestic and internation al flight operation. Large number of population, along with notable economic egress and improving living standards of people ensures that this company result go further in this aviation industry. Officers of United Airways (BD) Ltd.Here is the list of the top Officers who are geting in different positions of United Airways (BD) Ltd. Name Position salary (in taka) Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Choudhury Managing Director 880,000 Syed Abdul Muqtadir Senior Advisor 57,000 Capt. M Mushtaque Ali Director Operation 70,000 Shahjahan S.Hasib Director, 42,500 international Affairs Capt. Monirul Haque Joarder Director, Planning 210,500 Group Captain Khurshid Alam Chowdhury (Retd. )Director, HR 58,000 Wg. Cdr. ATM Nazrul Islam (Retd. ) corporation Secretary &038 adviser - Jilanee F. R.Chowdhury Director, - Marketing &038 Sales Wg. Cdr. Muhammad Ferdous Imam (Retd. ) Director, 56,800 Admin &038 Finance Mujib -Ur- Rahman Director, engineering science 70,000 D. M.Moudud Chowdh ury Consultant 46,500 Dr. Mohammad Hafiz Ahmed Consultant 35,000 Nabhojit Panigrahi Director, demesne service 150,000 Farhad Hossain Consultant - Organogram An organogram is a plot that shows the structure of an governing and relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions. This is also known as management chart.United Airways (BD) Limited has a dynamic team of pilots, engineers, selling and gross sales people, finance managers, consultants and officials led by its Managing Director Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Chowdhury. The organogram of the company is shown below Organogram of UABDL Situational Analysis Situational outline is a trade term which involves the situation and trends in a particular companys market. It is designed to take a snap of where things stand at the same time the plan is presented. It is aimed at naming of inseparable and remote forces that may influence the administrations performance and choice of strategies, real competitors. (www. busin essdictionary. com) 1. Internal factorsInternal factors are those factors of an organization which can be controlled by the managers. In United Airways (BD) Ltd. there are some internal factors which affect the business. These factors fuck off from within the business itself, without regard to any outside factors exchangeable customers and different businesses. These factors are under the do main(prenominal) of management of this company. 1. 1. vigilance levels Management level is one of the internal factors. It indicates how many levels are there from top to bottom. Management level includes operational level, technical level, and strategic level. i. operational Level Operational level of any organization focuses on the performance and the efficiency of output lick.Like e actually organization operations subprograms are at the core of United Airways (BD) Ltd. The primary managerial task here is to develop the best storage allocation of resources with the given amount of r esources that produces the coveted output. The core functions of UNITED AIRWAYS are ? nominate all services on promised time. ? Provide some unique services to the passengers ? Bring the equipments directly from USA. ? Ensure passengers safety device and satisfaction ? Ensure the upbeat of employees ii. Technical level The main function of the technical level is to unionise the activities of the operational level. in that location are some people in United Airways (BD) Ltd. ho are officially authorized to perform the technical works. pile who are involved with technical works are more well related to the tasks that are performed by workers. iii. Strategic level Strategic level indicates top level managers who determine the how the organization interacts with its environment. In this organization managing director, company secretary are considered as the top level manager. These managers do not direct the periodic activities of the firm rather, they set goals for the organiz ation and direct the company to achieve them. These managers are ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization, and often, these managers have very visible jobs.As it is a new organization these top managers are exploitation their experience and skills to improve its ranking and to do some good work for the society as well. As the source of authority suffers from society the top level managers are working on how they can provide quality services to society. 2. External factors External factors are those factors which cant be controlled by the managers. UABDL has some external factors as well like competitors, customers, suppliers and so forth these factors come from outside the business. One of their major(ip) external factors is their competitors. 2. 1. Competitors of UABDL The market full term in Bangladesh is unpredictable.Attaining total success is a difficult task, as one need to win the hearts and souls of the people by adopting proper marketing strategy w ith a warring price. Quality is the major tool for UABDL. The main competitors of UABDL are Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines, and Royal Bengal Airlines. Still it is increasing its position in terms of market share. Though, constantly they are under the threat from potential competitors, plainly they are doing well. Also it is doing very well as a new company though there are some limitations. There will be many competitors in the future also in this sector. But UABDL thinks that to achieve its vision, it has to be superior to its competitors. SWOT AnalysisSWOT analysis is a basic, candid model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It accomplishes this by assessing an organizations strengths (what an organization can do) and weaknesses (what an organization cannot do) in addition to opportunities (potential favorable go overs for an organization) and threats (potential unfavorable conditions for an organization). SWOT analys is is an strategic cadence in planning and its value is often underestimated despite the simplicity in creation. The role of SWOT analysis is to take information from the environmental analysis and separate it into internal issues (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats).Once this is completed, SWOT analysis determines if the information indicates something that will assist the firm in accomplishing its marks (a strength or opportunity), or if it indicates an rampart that must be overcome or minimized to achieve desired results (weakness or threat). (Ferrel O. , Hartline, M. Lucas, G. Luck, D. Marketing dodge, 1998). We have make the research to find out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and weaknesses of United Airways (BD) Ltd. The details are described in the follow. 1. Strengths Strengths are internal factors of an organization. Strengths are those characteristics of the organization which are useful to attain the objectives of the o rganization. Factors which are considered as strengths of UABDL are described here. 1. Customer Preference UABDL is bound to satisfy its customers.The company is offering its passengers a safe and comfortable flying experience at excellent value for money. Considering these factors, customers pick out United Airways (BD) Ltd. rather than any other airways. 1. 2. Maintaining Flight Schedules UABDL is very strict about time schedule. They hardly grip their flights if any unavoidable situation takes place. Otherwise, they maintain their time schedule very strictly. 1. 3. Providing Quality Service Quality service providing to the customers is one of the most important strength factors of UABDL. They consider that customer satisfaction is their first priority. What the company promises to give to the customers, it tries to give more than that. 1. 4. Lower Ticket Fair than OthersUABDL offers most competitive price compared to its competitors like GMG Airlines or Biman Bangladesh Airline s. This pricing strategy helps the company to quarter more customers. 1. 5. Own Aircrafts UABDL does not lease the aircrafts like its competitors. No other airline companies in Bangladesh have their own aircrafts. But UABDL has its own aircrafts. This is one of the factors that United Airways can charge less than its competitors. 1. 6. Strong Management United Airways (BD) Ltd. has a dynamic team of pilots, engineers, marketing and sales people, finance managers, consultants and officials led by its Managing Director Capt. Tasbirul Ahmed Chowdhury. . Weaknesses Weaknesses are also internal factors of a company. Weaknesses are harmful or destructive for the company to achieve the objectives or goals. Factors which are considered as the weaknesses of United Airways are 2. 1. Un played Marketing Promises Sometimes UABDL fails to fulfill the promises which were conducted during their marketing. But this kind of situation takes place very rarely in this company. 2. 2. Unavailability of Servicing Equipments Servicing equipments of the aircrafts are not available in Bangladesh. UABDL has to bring those equipments from abroad. This fact increases the servicing cost. 2. 3. Insufficient FundIt is very difficult to mental testing airline business in a developing country like Bangladesh as this business is very costly to run. It is also very difficult to build a sufficient line of descent in Bangladesh. UABDL is facing this worry in this country. 3. Opportunities Opportunities are external circumstances which are supportive to realize the objectives of the organization. United Airways (BD) Ltd. considers some factors as its opportunities which are discussed below 3. 1. High harvest-time Rate of Potential Customers The harvest-festival rate of potential customers is high as many people from Bangladesh are going abroad for different purposes. So, UABDL has luxuriant opportunities to capture more customers. 3. 2. increase international RoutesUABDL already has intro duced international flights, but the company is planning to increase its international routes. Many people from Bangladesh are living in different countries around the world. If UABDL expands its routes, people will prefer to travel by United Airways as it is their Own Airline. 3. 3. Increasing Market Share UABDL already has 52% market share and they are hoping to increase this rate. It will help the company to maximize its profit. 3. 4. Experienced police squad The company has a very strong team of experienced Bangladeshi people in each and every department. Pilots, engineers, managers, marketing and sales people all of them are very experienced which will help the company to be the best airline company in the country. 4. ThreatsThreats are external factors which are destructive or harmful for the company to achieve the goals. There are fewer factors which are considered as threats by United Airways (BD) Ltd. and they are described in the follow 4. 1. Competitors Competitors ar e always considered as threats to any kind of companies. UABDL has mainly three competitors in Bangladesh Biman Bangladesh Airlines, GMG Airlines and Royal Bengal Airlines. Competitors can take any unique steps to be the best airline company in Bangladesh. So, competitors are main threat to the company. 4. 2. Economic Condition of Bangladesh Bangladesh is a developing country of the third world.The saving of the country is not strong. essential calamity or any unavoidable situation also affects the countrys economy very much. So, this is also considered as a major threat of United Airways (BD) Ltd. 4. 3. Un willingness of the Banks to Finance Banks in Bangladesh are not very helpful to the airline companies like UABDL to support them financially. It will be very difficult to receive financial support from the banks if it will be needed in future. The above discussion clearly reflects the overall condition of the company. SWOT analysis helps the company to find out its weaknesses and threats and find out the ways to overcome those by its strengths and opportunities. physical objects and Strategies Defining Objectives and Strategies A business objective is something the business is aiming toward or a strategic position it is working to attain. ordinarily is a step in the strategy. Objectives are similar to goals. And strategy is the process of accomplishing these objectives. To be successful, managers must develop and execute it well. (management. about. com) The objectives and strategies of United Airways (BD) Ltd. are discussed in the sideline. Objective 1 The company will always provide quality, safety and on time service. Strategy United Airways (BD) Ltd. is always committed to its customers to provide quality in service.It employs skilled managers who can manage the jobs very efficiently. UABDL uses better quality aircrafts and puts a lot of effort on the maintenance of the aircrafts. If any defect is detected of the aircraft, the authority solves tha t very quickly. The company collects feedback from the customers after experiencing the travel. If there is suggestion, the authority tries to consider that and if there is any complaining, it takes that with great concern. Objective 2 The company will expand its service to Middle East by 2011. Strategy UABDL has found great opportunity in the Middle East routes. So, it is planning to expand its service to Middle East countries by 2011.For this purpose, it is mount up its offices in the respective areas and also planning to operate toilsome aircrafts in the Middle East routes. It is going to take grand promotional strategy in those places and also in Bangladesh. Objective 3 The company will pose market share from foreign carriers within few old age. Strategy UABDL has already entered the international market by operating the international routes to Kolkata, Dubai, Kathmandu and Kualalampur. And it is also going to expand its foreign routes by the beside year. So, by expandin g its foreign routes, it is going to acquire market share from foreign carriers. Objective 4 The company will generate employment opportunity of the country at present and future. StrategyUABDL opens a big opportunity for potential employees. The company always prefers to employ local energies. Except some of the technical positions, almost all of the employees of UABDL are Bangladeshi. So, the company is creating a huge opportunity for the local job seekers. In the flow economy, there is lots of manpower available, but jobs are not available for them. UABDL is trying to create opportunity for those deserving people. The company should always follow this strategy in recruiting employees. Objective 5 The company will raise the paid up chapiter to Tk. 200 Crore through issuing IPO by 2010. Strategy UABDL is move into the stock market by issuing IPO for the first time this year.As a comparatively new company, its performance in the opening years will surely catch the eyes of the investors to buy they shares of UABDL. The company is predicting that, issuing IPO will raise the paid up capital to Tk. 200 Crore by this year. Objective 6 The company will launch a project to operate in European destinations including London, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham from Dhaka and Sylhet within 12 months of completing the project of Middle East. Strategy The company aims at a broader view to expand its service to the European region. By 2011 the company is willing to complete the project of Middle East and within 12 months of the finale of that project, it will launch the project to operate in the European destination.It will operate flights from Dhaka and Sylhet to some major European destinations like London, Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and so on Objective 7 The company will raise a fund of Tk. 2,000 Crore by 2014. Strategy UABDL is going to issue its IPO this year. So, this will help to raise its capital as well as its fund. The company will also increase its f und from different available sources. So, it is predicting that it will be able to raise a fund of Tk. 2,000 Crore by the year 2014. Objective 8 The company will have airline offices passim the world by 2015. Strategy From the inception of the company, it is aiming towards going to the international arena.Already it has placed its offices in different countries where it is operating its flights. As its another objective is to acquire market share from foreign carriers, it is going to open airline offices throughout the world by 2015. Objective 9 The company wants to be a attracter in the Aviation industry within 12 years. Strategy UABDLs current performance indicates that it is going to be a attractor in the local aviation industry within few years. This will be possible only if it can provide quality, safety and on time service regularly. As it will expand its business in international arena, it can ambitiousness to be a leader in the international aviation industry also. Obj ective 10The company wants to participate in the economic development of the country in regular basis. Strategy UABDL regards its investors as comrades in their endeavor to contribute in the overall economic growth of Bangladesh. It believes that involvement in this airline by making an investment is an opportunity to be a part of a unique venture that will have a significant impact on national economy. And by operating the international flights more frequently, it will capture a big amount of foreign currency. It will conduct different projects for the development of the economy of Bangladesh. Management Issues Staffs of this United Airways (BD) Ltd. include experienced professionals from various institutions as well as credible airlines.Members of the management team is strategic thinkers and able to see the big picture, have diverse experience, demonstrate leadership attributes, combine business insight with technical savvy, and also committed to continuous learning. The company has departmentalized its function in following 11 categories Operations Finance Planning design Admin Sales and Marketing Human Resource International Affairs Ground Service Catering Procurement Our study focused on departmentalization and organizational structure. The objective here was to understand things like degree and type of level differentiation, vertical differentiation, mechanisms of coordination and control, formalization, and centralization of power.Looking at the organizational structure of the company we found it is based on 5 tiers at the top level management. This includes Managing Director, who is brain of the company, Senior Advisor, Company secretary, Consultants and department directors. United Airways that make one-of-a-kind custom products, typically, both(prenominal) peoples skills, knowledge and the machines used are important. Discussion with staff revealed following aspects It is relatively expensive to operate, and work process is unpre dictable It is comparatively flat organization (few levels of hierarchy) MD has low span of control (direct reports) Relatively low luck of managers Concentrated units are Procurements, sales and marketing, Human resources and International Affairs Company work is largely vulnerable because of largely wide variables influencing its work. (i. e. Aircraft routes, country politics, International politics etc. ) Where operation level staffs deal with the ongoing day-to-day complexities of organizations, top level leaders effectively orchestrate important change. tour managing requires planning and budgeting routines, leading includes setting the direction (creating a vision) for the company Management requires structuring the organization, staffing it with capable people, and monitoring activities Leaders of United Airways goes beyond these functions by shake people to attain the vision.Directors keep operations level staff focused on moving the organization toward its ideal futu re, motivating them to over come whatever obstacles lie in the way. The culture determines the type of leadership, communication, and group kinetics within the organization. In United Airways BD workers perceive this as the quality of work life which directs their degree of motivation. The final outcomes are performance, individual satisfaction, and personal growth and development. All these elements combine to build the model or framework that the organization operates from. Conclusion United Airways has a goal of being a leader in aviation industry at home and abroad.It will be a long journey for the company to accomplish that goal as it is very new in the industry. But whatever the company has done till now, it shows clear sign of the companys prospect. In this very short time, it has placed itself in a good position in the market. It is also entering the stock market this year. It aims to involve every Bangladeshi expatriates to affiliate with them as a proud owner of the airli ne by owning its share. By owning the share of UABDL, investors will not only be a part of a profitable business, but will also be investing in Bangladesh themselves. United Airways comprises a team of dynamic and knowing Bangladeshi who are fully committed to make sure that their dream becomes a successful reality.The company believes that involvement in this airline is a chance to become a part a unique venture that will have a significant impact on Bangladesh, release a long term legacy for all. And through its dedicated service to the customers, United Airways truly want to be Your Airline. Bibliography In regularize to prepare this term paper, we have taken information from several sources. Here is a list of those sources. 1. Donnelly, Gibson and Ivancevich. Fundamentals of Management. N. p. Irwin McGraw-Hill, 1998 2. Griffin, W. Ricky. Management. N. p. Cengage Learning, 2006. 3. Dessler, Gary. Organization and Management A contingency Approach. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. Prentice Hall, 1976. 4. Ahmed, Dr. Md. Hafiz.The Gems in Management For Achieving Personal Greatness. Dhaka, Dhanshalik Prokashani, 2006 5. Ferrel O. , Hartline, M. Lucas, G. Luck, D. Marketing Strategy. Orlando, FL Dryden Press, 1998. 6. Definition of situational analysis. Businessdictionary. com. , 2010 7. SWOT analysis in business. About. com. , 2010 8. Shortage of human resources anguish tourism industry stakeholders. The Bangladesh Monitor (Dhaka). July 1 15, 2010. 9. United Airways launches flight in Dhaka Kualalampur route. Parjatan Bichitra (Dhaka). January, 2010. Appendix Here is the sample question that we asked the persons we met at United Airways (BD) Ltd. 1.Would you kindly share us the history of UABDL? 2. What were the main reasons of culmination into this business? 3. How is your company doing financially? 4. What is the organizational structure of your company? 5. What kind of leadership style does your company follow? 6. Who are your target customers? 7. Wha t is the current market position of UABDL? 8. What are the internal and external factors that are change your business? 9. Would you kindly share us the companys strengths and opportunities? 10. Would you sound judgment sharing the companys weakness and threats with us? 11. What are the major objectives of your company? 12. What are the future plans of UABDL?We are really grateful to the following persons whom we met at UABDL for sharing the information with us Wg. Cdr. (Retd. ) Dr. A T M Nazrul Islam Dr. Mohammad Hafiz Ahmed Consultant and Company Secretary Consultant Finance and Accounts United Airways (BD) Ltd. United Airways (BD) Ltd. Group Captain Khurshid Alam Director HR United Airways (BD) Ltd. Group Photo &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 Director Procurement Director Catering Director Ground Services Director Sales &038 Marketing Director Admin All the members of our group with the Consultant (Finance &038 Accounts), Company Secretary and Director HR (from left).

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Critical Thinker Essay

Gandhi When you catch out the name Mahatma Gandhi, whats the first thing you venture of? The terms nonviolence, accomplished disobedience, and mahatma (meaning nifty soul) are what most deal will likely think hearing his name. From being raised as a child in India, to att end uping law school in England, to his countless movements for Indian granting immunity, to his tragical assassination, Gandhi and his critical thinking have helped pave the way for others who have brought mixed bag to our world. Born October 2, 1869 in the small state of Porbandar, located in the horse opera part of India, Gandhi means grocer.The name came from generations earlier in which that had been his familys occupation. He attended school where as a child he tended to tie home from school for fear of being of being made of looseness of because he had difficulty with multiplication. Another interesting fact about Gandhi is that he was married at age thirteen, as it was arranged and quite gross in India. Gandhis first true insight into nonviolence came when he steal gold from his brother. He felt guilty for doing so and eventually confessed to his father, who preferably of being mad at him, wept. Information above from http//www. progress. org/gandhi/gandhi01. htm) This is where his journey to the great accomplishments he would reach later in his life began. Gandhi would go on to attend law school in London and eventually publication home. He had only graduated with enough information to know English laws, not Indian/Hindu laws. He was given an opportunity by a large Indian firm where he was to travel to southeastward Africa to assist in a legal case in court. He told his family goodbye as he went forth to try his luck in South Africa.Not only did he have luck he would end up discovering himself, his philosophy, and his following from this expenditure. (http//www. progress. org/gandhi/gandhi02. htm) While on a train ride, a white passenger had protested to the run intoi cials and Gandhi was ordered to a lower class region. When he refused to move because he had a first class ticket, he was kicked off the train. Sitting alone in the cold that that evening, he realized he had two choices repugn for his rights or go back to India. He chose to booking for his rights and the rights for all people.After a difficult first week, he decided to gather the local Indians to discuss their horrible conditions. As more meetings were held, Gandhi soon knew the problems they undergo (couldnt vote, own homes, go out without permit, or even walk on public roads). (Information from http//www. progress. org/gandhi/gandhi03. htm) In Gandhis attempt to bring equality to the Indian people, he was a strong believer in nonviolence. One time, while protesting peacefully outside a building for the Black Act, Gandhi was arrested.Read Critical experiment about Skurzynskis NethergraveThis would be his first of a few contrary times he spent in jail. One of Gandhis most cog nise nonviolent/civil disobedience protests would be the salt borderland. They traveled two hundred miles to the sea to extract salt from it as a way of struggle back against the British Salt Tax. As they picked up the salt, some were arrested. And this raceway to more nonviolent protests that caused British shops and mills to close. In a march following the salt march, policemen became violent against Gandhis followers, who in return did not fight back.The world took notice of this and embraced the nonviolence shown. This would eventually enable India to gain their freedom from Britain. Unfortunately, Gandhi was assassinated one late afternoon during a group prayer. (Information from http//www. progress. org/gandhi/gandhi14. htm) tear down with his assassination, his philosophy of nonviolence/civil disobedience still lives on. Civil disobedience, nonviolence, and virtue are pillars in Gandhian thought that would be used by others who wished to seek change for people (above in formation from http//www. ahatma. com/php/showNews. php? newsid=52linkid=1). Martin Luther King younger would adopt Gandhis philosophy and use it in his fight against discrimination of African Americans in the United States. Gandhi came from a humble beginning and was able to pick out a difference that not only helped free his people, but would be the sparks for another mans dream have all people be equal and free. References http//www. progress. org/gandhi/gandhi01. htm (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 14) http//www. mahatma. com/php/showNews. php? newsid=52& axerophthollinkid=10

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The Skin Moisture Levels Health And Social Care Essay

This review looks at the daybook write1, to understand whether the methodological analysis and consequences published argon realistic and are able to lend to the exemplification of occupational wellness and wellness and safety in cosmopolitan.It considers whether or non the teaching and consequences given, is indifferent and that the tuition provided and recorded from the experiments, utilizing specific sets of voluntaries and the methodological analysiss utilize on with the equipments and stuffs that were utilised on that juncture, is consistent with the purposes of the diary.The review itself has been approached and written by the writer utilizing the IMRaD ( Introduction Methods Results and Discussion ) format to show the review in a structured format giving suited remark where it is believed that to a greater accomplishment development could hold been made available.DrumheadThe diary is biased towards maven unusual compo chirp of equipment that is employ to make scramble measurings sentiments are formulated from a comp whatever of writers from the same conjunction. Data is collected in a signifier of a questionnaire and ocular observations recorded plainly unavailable to the reader.The diary comments Studies fox been under contri only whenen, just now thither is no flat coats from any of them to assist find whether the methods used on this juncture were appropriate.Mention to al suffering engagement of baseball deals is vile and despite the diary beingness requested by a pharmaceutic company there is small utile information on the manipulation of creams.On a positive note the diary does recognize that much consciousness and instruction is required by both employee and employer.ReviewIntroductionThe undermentioned text is the full abstract from the diary under review which sets out the ground for the survey by the writersThe purpose of this survey was to set up whether those wreakings in certain businesss had skin with lowe r mischievous content than would be considered normal. clamber wet degrees were measured every bit approximate as ocular appraisal. Consequences indicated that all occupational chemical groups studied had hide that was less dandy hydrated than would be considered normal, although there were important inter-individual fluctuations deep down any one group. These fluctuations were at least every bit important as business. cognisance of the demand to use baseball mitts as protection against chemicals and to utilize creams to doctor status was low, as was compliance.1MethodsThe diary has been read by the review writer to understand what the diary writers are trying to convey to the reader. It is marked where the subscriber has considered that a full apprehension is required to be certain of the defense for the diary to hold been produced and later published.Where possible, literature has been sourced and referenced to help in the apprehension of the capable intimacy and as well to offer up any other information which may hold proven utile or may propose that the diary is non conveying every facet of information pertinent to the chosen capable affair. This literature has been sourced through Library s online installations only if largely by utilizing the Internet Search Engine GoogleTM to playact up certain articles associating to the capable affair including referenced information close to the setup used on the strain voluntaries.ConsequencesIt has been established early on into the diary that the conducted probe of the capable affair had been requested by a Pharmaceutical company called Crookes healthcare 2 who step forward to be situated in Nottingham UK. However, no information was readily available sing this company apart from border inside informations as their cyberspace scope site appeared was inactive and was advertised as domain available for cut-rate sale at the clip of this review being produced.The diary addresses a rightfully of import topic affair which gives concern to non merely Occupational Health Practitioners and Advisers hardly besides Health &038 A Safety Professionals in general along with the medical community. The information and decisions are non merely derived from experiments but referenced from a figure of articles and books largely based on the capable affair of Epidemiology.Mention is besides made to a company Hill &038 A Knowlton 3 who advertise themselves as a public dealingss and public in-person businesss web and one facet of their operation is to help with clinical campaigns enlist within their Healthcare &038 A Wellbeing section.A sum of 132 voluntaries agree been selected from office workers, hairstylists, pre-school nursery staff and catering staff. Apart from the office workers, the businesss were selected as they are seemingly known to hold high degrees of occupational contact dermatitis being subjected to chemicals that kick in a fatting consequence and being exposed to wet work. The office workers were selected to seek to set up whether working in raw air-conditioning offices might demo similar effects. It is non instantly stated why the babys style staff were selected but it does become evident subsequently in the diary that they are subjected to crisp altering but in general a good government of have oning suited baseball mitts appeared to be observed.The enlist administrations appeared non merely to supply full clip workers but besides parttime / passing workers ( pupils ) for these tests, which consisted of both work forces and adult females of assorted ages and presumptively with different hide types. However, the periods of exposure to the voluntaries except the office workers would just about likely been well change during their existent working times. Specifically, this would use to pupils, who would hold besides been in categories analyzing and so non ever subjected to the jeopardies related with occupational hide disease for 8 hr periods every twenty-four hours. Interestingly, there is no reference of what other substances the voluntaries may hold been subjected to during their ain clip ( avocations and other physical involvements participated in ) that is immaterial of the workplace environss which may or may non hold a purpose on the consequences of such a survey.The diary besides mentions that Studies suggest that low skin wet degree predisposes to the development of prickle contact dermatitis.1, but there is no existent grounds provided of which surveies are in truth being referred to. However, it was on this footing that the writers felt it of import to set up to what extent workers in the selected businesss had lower than normal skin wet degree compared to other occupations.1DiscussionThe four writers of the diary are from a household based company with what appears to hold a good background in Occupational Skin Management 4, and they have been comicly selective in their wont of a Corneo meter A system from Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH ( Model CM825 ) for the measuring of skin hydration. As stated on their web site In 1997 EnviroDerm function stepped into the universe of skin analysis when they became involved with Courage &038 A Khazaka electronic and their high quality scope of hide analysis equipment .4thither are in event a figure of different commercial contraptions that appear to be available which have non been considered at any clip during these peculiar tests ( The usage of Internet Search Engines such as GoogleTM will promiscuous place such setup if the user inputs cardinal words ) .The writers have established that occupational tegument diseases form a big ascribe of occupational disease with the about common signifier being irritant contact dermatitis.1, 5 with adult females being more affected than work forces.However, farther reading from one of the sourced mentions indicates that experimental surveies of skin annoyance have non confirme d differences between the sexes therefore, the higher prevalence of irritant contact dermatitis among females is most likely due to exposure, occupational and non-occupational. Nickel allergic reaction is the most common contact allergic reaction which appears to be most shop in immature females, and in 30-40 % consequences over clip in glove eczema 5.Nickel is found in most metal and metal plated objects such as kitchen utensils, scissors, costume jewelry, tickers, spectacle frames, buckles, slide fasteners, fasteners, coins, white gold and some industrial film editing fluids. 6 Certain nutrients besides contain hints of Nickel. grant eczema has an impact on quality of life and females seem to describe a higher grade of uncomfortableness than males. To accomplish the optimum consequence of blockading attempts sing occupational tegument disease, the focal point for bar should take at cut downing wet exposure.5Hand eczema is in fact never mentioned in the diary which is surprisi ng given that up to 1 in 10 people suffer from this status. There is til now mention to literature which covers intervention for a signifier of skin annoyance, and therefore it flowerpot merely be assumed that none of the participants were recorded as unchanging from this status, which is easy recognizable by its expression and the countries around the custodies that it usually infests itself. 7Some informations from ocular appraisals has been obtained which concluded that a figure of participants in the test did so hold visual-apparent tegument jobs and these were recorded on a questionnaire signifier. There is besides reference that peculiarly in winter during ironical and stormy conditions this thunder mug in fact consequence in wet firing and once more nameless surveies are stated as demoing that real low humidness can besides hold such an consequence. 1 Unfortunately there is no reference of what clip of twelvemonth the test took topographic point and or any information about the environment in which the measurings were taken.Besides, the diary writers indicates that their feeling was that the voluntaries were of the mentality that they have dry tegument but it did non match with measurings taken apart from the providing workers who tended to hold cracked tegument and what appeared to be contact dermatitis and were in fact aware of their ain tegument conditions.There is much information provided about skin harm, low and vile tegument wet and that ocular appraisal is an unsure index of general conditions of skin disease and harm and that the accent should be placed on measurings of tegument conditions.1The usage of baseball mitts and creams was besides discussed in the diary but nil is stated ( but may hold been recorded on the questionnaire signifier ) , sing what direction, counsel and preparation if any was given by the participant s employers.With regard to baseball mitts, foremost the questionnaire asked about the usage of baseball mitts non merely at work but besides at place specifically about utilizing chemicals, and this was recorded as baseball mitt use being highly hapless as half the participants neer used them at all and merely a little balance used baseball mitts when managing chemicals. It is recorded that more than three quarters of the hairstylists did non utilize any baseball mitts which is surprising given the sum of chemicals and detergents that would be handled day-to-day in this business. The two groups that used baseball mitts on more make were the office and pre-school babys room workers.Lack of cognition of creams along with the usage of creams appeared besides to be really low with less than half the participants utilizing none and a really little sum merely utilizing it on occasion. However, the diary states that there is clinical grounds to back up the position that the usage of creams can be used in both intervention and bar of dry tegument and irritant contact dermatitis.The diary does indic ate out that employers should press the usage of creams within its wellness and safety scheme for the workplace but the job with creams as stated in the diary is that it has to be applied on a regular basis for any utile consequence.What is really surprising is that there is no mention to the preventive benefits of utilizing appropriate baseball mitts, surely for short term exposure except where it was conveyed by those participants who had been advised that it was compulsory to utilize them, in peculiar the pre-school babys room staff where good hygiene steps non merely for the worker but besides the kids in their attention had been decently recognised.Contribution to PracticeA batch of the Discussion subdivision in the diary has been supplied by the writers through the tests that were undertaken and from their ain professional cognition shop. The usage of a Corneometer A system 8 to roll up the information is a important factor in the part to the overall findings as it has off -key up some interesting consequences for the skin wet degrees within the group of participants.Along with this, the diary has besides highlighted person s behavior towards the usage of baseball mitts and creams as described and supported by the tabular arraies of informations produced within the article.The usage of referenced acknowledged plants has besides provided some consistence with agring statements but some underpinning information has been either missed or omitted.This diary does nevertheless positively province that there is still really much more awareness and instruction required to be conveyed to both employee and employer in these peculiar businesss sing best patterns in occupational tegument direction.

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Sustainability A Study Of World Leading Universities Environmental Sciences Essay

Universities, as Centres for developing accountable and knowing worlds, prepargon pupils to react to the rational, societal, and personal ch each(prenominal)enges that they go out confront in community. To this terminal, universities will encounter usage of assorted elections. In this respect, the dubiousness which rises is to what purpose the earth fetching universities take their surroundingsal duty into consideration and how perpetrate they atomic number 18 to environmental sustainability. This penning aimed to research this issue by analyzing the universe top 10 graded universities. The survey sample included Harvard University ( US ) , University of Cambridge ( UK ) , Yale University ( US ) , University College capital of the United Kingdom ( UK ) , over-embellished College capital of the United Kingdom ( UK ) , University of Oxford ( UK ) , University of Chicago ( US ) , Princeton University ( US ) , Massachusetts build of technology ( US ) , and calcium consti tute of Technology ( US ) . The needed information was collected through and through the content amount of moneymary of the weave points and one-year studies of the mentioned universities. Findingss of the paper showed that all the studied universities were involved in a figure of assorted environmental activities and were committed to their environmental duties. The findings of the paper pot be a bench mark for other universities. Since the environment is an of substance column of corporate societal duty ( CSR ) and critical portion of sustainability, the findings piss of import deductions for CSR policy of universities.Keywords Awareness, environmental sustainability, university.IntroductionAll worlds gift a moral duty to continue the planet and there is no excuse for making nil to better the environmental province of the Earth. This besides applies to establishments of high(prenominal) dictation ( Christensen et al. , 2009 ) . Organizations such as companies or univer sities are averageally trustworthy for the terrible environmental debasement we demand witnessed ( Alshuwaikhat and Abubakar, 2008 Hoffman and Woody, 2008 Haden et al. , 2009 ) . Nowadays, higher instruction establishments can do important environmental pushs ( Jabbour, 2010 ) . Many of them, payable to their free size, communicatory motion of people and vehicles, high ingestion of stuffs, and strong development of analyzable activities, may be considered as little towns ( Alshuwaikhat and Abubakar, 2008 ) . thitherfore higher instruction institutes have a great environmental duty toward society. This could be through preparation alumnuss with suited environmental cognition every bit secure as environmental programs and plans to cut refine waste and preserve environment. Now, the inquiry which arises is how informed universities are toward their environmental duties toward society. To reply this inquiry, this survey will see to it into the issue among universe top 10 universities through reexamining their web site content and one-year studies. Although old surveies have been conducted in this country, they are primary(prenominal)ly instance surveies sing merely one university. This survey, nevertheless, considers 10 International universities at the same clip and attempts to supply a general image of how cognizant and responsible universe top universities are toward environment. Since the environment is an of import pillar of corporate societal duty ( CSR ) and critical portion of sustainability, the findings of this survey have of import deductions for CSR policy of universities.ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY IN UNIVERSITIESSustainability is a form of resource usage which meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their demands. The chief thought of sustainable development is to accomplish the permanent satisfaction of world demands. Environmental direction may be defined as the survey of all proficient and organisational activities aimed at cut downing the environmental rival caused by a company s concern operations ( Cramer, 1998, p. 162 ) . Although ab initio targeted for companies, this definition can besides be applied to service sphere of influence and universities. Universities apply assorted resources to supply quality instruction for pupils. This, in bend, will do shams on the environment. Several simple illustrations of these impacts are electricity ingestion, toil of waste and CO2 emanation caused by day-to-day printing of big Numberss of documents. A figure of dimensions define environmental direction patterns ( AragI?n-Correa, 1998 Klassen &038 A Angell, 1998 Klassen &038 A Whybark, 1999 ) . As Cespedes-Lorente et Al. ( 2003 ) reference, Peattie and Ringler ( 1994 ) drew a differentiation between package and ironware environmental activities. Software activities are those focused on organisational issues such us systems, processs, audits an d manuals, whereas hardware activities are concerned with technological wangleation to cut down the environmental impact of the house . Environmental sustainability refers to the environmental actions or impacts of what we do. There are a figure of surveies sing the issues of sustainability and environment in higher instruction. A survey by Wright ( 2010 ) , examined how a cohort of university presidents and vice-presidents in Canadian universities conceptualize sustainable development, sustainable universities, the function universities play in accomplishing a sustainable hereafter, cardinal issues confronting the university, and the barriers to implementing sustainability enterprises on campus. They showed that although the bulk of participants were good versed in the construct of sustainable development, they were less familiar with the construct of a sustainable university. However, bulk of them were dedicated to holding their university go more sustainable. The participants b esides listed financial quandaries , deficiency of apprehension and cognizance of sustainability issues amongst the university population , and a opposition to alter as the chief barriers in the way of sustainability. Pollock et Al. ( 2009 ) besides insisted that thickening and uneffective administration, traditional disciplinary boundaries, and the deficiency of a shared tidy sum at academic establishments frequently hinder university s advancement toward taking the universe to a more sustainable and desirable hereafter . Furthermore, a survey by Rauch and Newman ( 2009 ) in Yale University explored how an institutional mark can take to greater community action and long-run committedness than if no limited mark is established.MethodologySimilar to a colligate survey by Capriotti and Moreno ( 2007 ) , this paper used a content epitome methodological analysis to analyse the web sites of the top 10 universe universities ranked by Times Higher Education ( THE, 2009 ) . T his research studied the content of the university official web sites and tried to place universities environmental patterns, processs and programs. To this terminal, we have reviewed all the connect web pages of the universities ( including intelligence, media, section web pages, etc. ) and non merely direct connect from the home page.The survey sample included Harvard University ( US ) , University of Cambridge ( UK ) , Yale University ( US ) , University College London ( UK ) , Imperial College London ( UK ) , University of Oxford ( UK ) , University of Chicago ( US ) , Princeton University ( US ) , Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( US ) , and California Institute of Technology ( US ) .FINDINGS AND wordThe findings of this research shows that universe taking universities are in some personal manner or another involved in environmental patterns and committed to their environmental duty. Table 1 summarizes the diverseness of the countries which these universities are invo lved in.Table 1Environmental patterns of studied universitiesEnvironmental Practice12345678910Decrease of nursery louse up emanationsi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Decrease in the usage of fossil fuels and increase in the usage of re spick-and-spanable resourcesi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Waste recycle and directioni??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Decrease of H2O usagei??i??i??i??i??i??Green edifices and environmentally responsible architecturei??i??i??i??i??i??i??Runing an specialised environmental centre/ webi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Decrease of the environmental impact due to the usage of paperi??i??i??i??Addition of environmental consciousness among staff &038 A pupilsi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Minimization of environmental impact due to stuffs and services used by the universityi??i??i??i??i??i??i??i??Minimization of environmental impact due to goi??i??i??Care of university sites in an environmentally excellent manneri??i??i??i??i??i??Green get for university procurancei??i? ?i??i??i??1 Harvard University ( US ) , 2 University of Cambridge ( UK ) , 3 Yale University ( US ) , 4 University College London ( UK ) , 5 Imperial College London ( UK ) , 6 University of Oxford ( UK ) , 7 University of Chicago ( US ) , 8 Princeton University ( US ) , 9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( US ) , 10 California Institute of Technology ( US ) .With the turning concern on clime revisal around the Earth, most of the universities are taking this issue into consideration. For case, Harvard University proctors and publishes its nursery gas emanations statistics across its assorted schools in North America campus. As shown in their development ( Harvard, 2008 ) , the university managed to wholly diminish its nursery gas emanation to the sum of -2.3 % in twelvemonth 2008 compared to twelvemonth 2006 in their North America campus. At Harvard, they besides notice the issue of green edifices through specifying Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED ) undert akings. As mentioned in their environmental study ( ibid. ) , LEED is a evaluation system for green edifices and provides a across the nation accepted third-party confirmation that a edifice undertaking meets the highest public demo criterions . Similarly, in University of Cambridge, a pupil web named Architecture sans Frontieres ( ASF ) considers the possibilities of a new socially and environmentally responsible architecture. Through talks and exhibitions, this web aims to rise people believing about how edifices can react to the demands of society and the environment ( Cambridge, 2007 ) . Yale University besides has an office of sustainability where they run assorted undertakings such as LEED evaluation. Similarly, California Institute of Technology utilizes the LEED criterion to guarantee its edifices meet and keep a high degree of energy, H2O and resource efficiency. In another case, Imperial College London was recognised by the Chartered Institution of Building work En gineers ( CIBSE ) for the attempts of the Facilities Management section to cut down its C production. Interestingly, University of Chicago has an provoke web site called green usher where they provide information related to wellness and environmental subjects at the University of Chicago and portion tips with visitants on how to last a greenish life ( Chicago, 2006 ) . The university besides provided eco-tip of the month in its web site. Overall, all the studied universities take their environmental duty earnestly and are involved in this respect.DecisionThis survey showed that universe taking universities are cognizant of their environmental impacts and have taken necessary stairss toward sustainability. Many of them have defined one-year programs with aims to accomplish. This can be considered as a benchmark for other universities around the Earth. However, the key to conquest of such programs is commitment from all degrees of direction specially top leading. As discussed by Wickenberg ( 2006 ) and cited by Axelsson et Al. ( 2008 ) , the norm support given by the leaders of the universities is necessary and important to success in local execution of sustainability programs. This is supported by the research of Christensen et Al. ( 2009 ) who showed that in malice of following an environmental policy and subscribing an understanding to work for sustainable universities, Aalborg University ( Denmark ) failed to make its aims due to the deficiency of committedness from top direction, the losing credence from proficient staff, and a narrow apprehension of the university s environmental impacts. Other universities and their leaders can benchmark these programs and civilization to form their ain sustainability and environmental programs. acknowledgmentThe first writer would wish to thank Universiti Sains Malaysia ( USM ) for back uping this research through supplying Vice-Chancellor Award.

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Case Study: Rule Utilitarianism or Act Utilitarianism? Essay

This paper examines the procedure that were followed that it is a common plenitude to see on the street, children and sometimes old, physically handicapped, beggars and sickly people begging for food and some bullion. It critically examines these procedures in the moral dilemma with advert of applying the concepts tackle and act utilitarianism. Should we give these beggars money or not? In deciding whether we give or not, the answer for that is we should give. Why? Act utilitarianism fundamentally states that an action is moral if it produces the greatest pleasure for the just almost people.This reason wholly the act of giving them would be a good idea, because it would benefit the most nub of people. At a first glance in the problem, by just wishing them to just go away, ignoring and disappear from our sight is in a flash immoral. Youre giving them pain despite the rule of greatest gladness and pleasure utilitarianism. However in the contrary it is really redress that by giving it encourages them to become lazy and to be dependent on us, only when what we argon looking here is our act how we respond to them.That is our focal brain giving them or not giving them by the prospect of utilitarianism in which we should act in such way that our actions produce the greatest happiness or pleasure. Whatever will be the consequences on how they used the money were out of that. If we reflect off of the act utilitarianism it is all about happiness the pleasure that is produced by the action. If we dont give them even the smallest amount of money, we feel guilty and there is no pleasure. Here is that we will be viewed and judged as being moral through our actions.With this case, it was stated that is it not full-strength that these people film the money much than we do, right here and right now? The truth is it is really true that they need the money more than we do because why would they be asking money if they didnt need it? And see? The effect of gi ving them is pleasure. In terms of my own feelings, exploitation the act utilitarianism is the better option with regards to the problem of this case than rule utilitarianism. instruction on how we act, what are our actions, and especially the importance of the act of giving.In rule utilitarianism, we all have different rules on what we do. For example, the rules that govern my action are really not to give them money because of believing that it encourages them to be lazy and dependent. For me, it is a pleasure. But lets try to think about others? The majority? Where is now the happiness for the most amount of people? Thats why act utilitarianism for me is the better option. It enables me to provide a strong ground in this problem. Finally, no matter what really is the right concept here in this particular dilemma, all things that work for good are virtuously right.

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English Crucible Coursework Essay

In the established society of a small, Puritan town in the slow 17th century, a lie by a looks niece sparks utter hysteria through break through the town of Salem. This quite peasant fabrication causes a wildfire of deceit to burn throughout the town destroying homes, families and friendships. In the midpoint of this saga the uniting of can buoy and Elizabeth invigilate has been diminished to a jointure of awkward silences and bulky mistrust by John Proctor illicit relationship with Abigail Williams.As the town is in havoc, the Proctors marriage is also tested. The play portrays heir struggle to prevail I a initiation of treachery. In this essay of The Crucible, I am qualifying to be examining the Proctors marriage in relevance to the subject area of witchery and study why Miler put the marriage at the centre of the play. When we first see the Proctors in Act Two, a conventional view of home life at that period cartridge clip is portrayed the husband has been worki ng hard on the land, while his married woman cared for the children and tended to her familys needs, but this scene also shows many things.I t shows the need for gratitude from each over, as if they need to please unrivalled some other vastly. This is depicted many times when John begins to eat. Early on in the scene as Proctor comments on his wifes provender saying It is well seasoned which we are witting is false as previously in entering the house he sampled the food and added more than seasoning to it, the way this sentence is implied suggests that he is just trying to economize the peace between them. She is content with his praise and eve thrives on his rape in her and feels if she carries on pleasing him he will not go elsewhere for this gratitude, as to his previous mistress AbigailThis is not one-sided as John states to Elizabeth after consulting her if she would like a cow he says, I mean to please you with her reply being, John I get by. This shows he is attemptin g to redeem his infidelity and prove to her al he wants is to make her talented and she is aware of his numerous efforts but burnnot allow herself to forget the past(a) months. Elizabeth is in time very apprehensive of John and questions him as soon as she is aware of his presence she begins to enquire into his delay home asking him, what keeps you so late?. Elizabeth shows great suspicion towards John this is depicted through her eagerness to know what is keeping her husband. He justifies himself by declaring in his defence he was out farming. The premature view of the scene in Act Two reveals great suspicion in this marriage, as Elizabeth is fearful that he has been visiting Elizabeth.This parallels to the witchcraft trials of Salem and the scepticism of the inhabitants as to if someone may blindly prosecute them next for minor things such as an argument in the past or over land restrictions. The weariness by the community is shown by and by in the Act when Reverend Hale is told of the arrest of Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse to this he declares, Then nothing left to stop the whole green innovation from burning. This statement refers to the suspicion in the town as when one lie has started it is difficult to stop it from causing more lies to arise, this declaration can also be interpreted as the whole green world being the forest and when a forest fire is started it is almost out(predicate) to stop the fire in comparison to the wildfire of lies spreading through the region.This leads to the overleap of trust in the district of Salem and in the Proctors marriage .As we return to the early stages of Act Two we see the Proctors involved in a minor dispute as he tells Elizabeth of his moment alone with Abigail, this is where the mistrust in their marriage is undefendable and laid bare Elizabeth in disbelief of what she was just confronted with, questions him and asks you were alone with her, and he discards her and tells her, only for a moment, sh e reads into this as a lie and suspects their liaison has been reunited and is countermand he has not informed her of this moment. Elizabeth still detects that John is screen something from her and because of her suspicions continuously questions him as we saw at the beginning of Act Two, her frustrations at him is shown when she says, John you are not open with me which explains her distrust in John this is because she feels he is disguising a Fabrication from her.

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The film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

The film adaptation of Shakespeares A summer solstice Nights Dream is one that gains three out of quint stars in my book. With the director Michael Hoffman ta pansy the fun and magical world of fairies from Shakespeares comedy and turning it into a rather serious tale, the depiction, released on may 14, 1999 was given a new twist on its own.The story is virtually a complicated love affair where Demetrius and Lysander both want Hermia notwithstanding she only has eyes for Lysander. This is made worse with Hermias father lacking Demetrius to be his son-in-law. Helena, Hermias friend, on the other hand wants Demetrius.Hermia and Lysander plan to escape from the city under the c everywhere of darkness but are prosecute by an enraged Demetrius who is himself pursued by an enraptured Helena. In the timbre, the king and queen of the faeries, Oberon and Titania, are having a lovers quarrel over a servant boy.Oberons mischief-maker, Puck, runs loose with a flower which causes nation to fall in love with the first thing they see upon waking. In the twists that created unexpected pairings, the lovers are finally brought together rightly, thanks in vary to the bungling work of Puck.The performance of Kevin Kline, who played Nick fanny, has brought an element of compassionateness from the audience even in the light of the characters buffoonery. Kline gives the odd relief character more life with his proclivity to exaggeration. Rupert Everett (Oberon) was radiant as the king, but gave no standout performance and looked a little deadpan in his acting. His partner, Michelle Pfieffer (Titania) looked so indifferent in her performance but still gets the watcher vote among the members of the cast.Stanley Tucci (Puck) has played the playful role of Puck well, seeming to roll in the hay the movie hes playing in and stays grotesque all the way. Calista Flockhart, playing Helen, was a convincing lovesick ragdoll who clarified how lightheaded the character really was .She was able to handle a very true role with an enthusiastic energy only rivaled by her co-actor, Tucci. Hermia, played by Anna Friel, was come in her performance, and her mud-based fight scene with Helena was probably the closely convincing part of her acting. Dominic West did not give any standout performances and was average all throughout the entire movie. Demetius, played by Christian Bale, had do his duty as an actor playing his part and did not try out above his role and made the character larger than life.The whole movie is devoid of any hi-tech special effects that we are always bombarded with in todays movie industry. Some of the evidence of this is Bottoms donkey ears and a great amount of facial tomentum the wings of the faeries seem like strap-on contraptions that are so stiff and unrealistic.The forest setting, however, served its purpose, which is to have a magical, unearthly quality even though it looked more like a set than a real forest. Make-up and costum e design were effective in creating the strange creatures found in the story, notwithstanding the lack of technology.Most of the costumes for the humans, however, seem ready to be ripped off from their bodies as were suggested in some of the scenes making the movie very sexually suggestive.

Food Inc Essay

The movie makes well-nigh really good points. The best point is that subsidized corn artificially lowers the cost of animal feed and high-fructose corn syrup. This creates a tax-subsidized economic incentive for people to choose fast food over nutritious options. Scrapping bring out subsidies including corn would be a great estimate (that the movie doesnt propose). It has a good segment about how Monsanto is using intellectual retention law to unfairly create a US soybean monopoly, suing farmers who neer bought Monsanto seed and forcing them to capitulate becaexercising of the sheer weight of wakeless bills.But the movie descends into sensationalism. For example, it takes a sad case of a kid named Kevin who died of E Coli inebriety after eating a hamburger. It traces the painss response which is to use ammonia to make sure that almost no E Coli survives and criticizes its solvent while playing ominous music in the background along with unanswered cries of anguish from Ke vins mother. It fails to mention that (1) all E Coli dies when philia is cooked properly (2) using ammonia to kill E Coli is an ingenious idea thats very effective (3) the food with the greatest risk of E Coli poisoning is perfect spinach.It doesnt mention how the fast food industry eliminated the use of hydrogenated vegetable oil, almost completely eliminating trans fat from fast food. It has a scene comparing the resources used by a free hold cow farmer who has about 20 cows versus an industrial slaughterhouse that processes thousands failing to mention that if the free range farmer produced cows on the same scale he would use 4x to 10x the resources for the same output. The movie takes an paradoxical stance against genetically modified food (google Norman Borlaugh).It makes several self-defeating arguments (like arguing that our industrially-produced food is infected and resource-intensive and that we should pay more to eat organic which is dressually much more resource i ntensive and more credibly to be contaminated by bacteria because of the use of poop as fertilizer instead of nitrates). The movie makes some interesting points. But the unscathed big business bad thing is a completely ineffective attitude that is a constant source of irritation to me personally.People and businesses have, do, will, and should act in their own best interests. The question is which policies should be created to incentivize wise outcomes? Regarding Monsanto, the job isnt evil big business, its that the US should reform its legal system to act like the UKs where if you sue someone and bear then you have to pay their legal fees. That would prevent Monsantos abuses of IP law (and would accomplish tort reform in medical malpractice).

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My favourites

Well when I go off to wonder I always Like to hypothesize active my positron emission tomography things. For Instance my favorite color Is green. I return what It would be like to defend everything that color must get tire to after a while of always seeing that color indemnify well my sisters room Is all pink and she still buys a cumulation of other oink stuff. My favorite kind of shoe is the high heel. I know what you might think at seeing me I am socio tall I should not want to be taller but I like how it makes me musical note. Long legs, great calves and awesome posture. My favorite animal is a frog.I dear frogs I wish my mom would let me have a frog, but she says that they be primitive. I dont really think that they are gross they are living creatures. I have a bunch of stuffed animals of them and they are also green. My favorite Disney princess is Princess Aurora. Most people think her name is roseate or know her break-dance by Sleeping Beauty. I love her movie I p ractically know It by memory. They have do so many other versions of that movie and they Just practically let out It. I Like her because my mom says that my older sister Is Belle, Im Aurora and my subaltern sister Is Cinderella.My favorite place to be Is a little township In Mexico named Callow. It In the state of Causalities. I have spent well-nigh of my look there so I take that place to heart. I also spent all my teenage life there so I happen I grew up with the mentality of over there. My favorite body part it is my hair. Its curly a beautiful color and shiny. And I feel unique with it, since I am the only one in my house with curly hair. Daniel Rodriguez Princess Aurora she is my favorite Disney princess. My mom likes to say that my sisters look like the three mayor princesses (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle).She says since I am not that light-haired or that dark. That leaves me as Sleeping Beauty. Another reason that I am Like her is that I sleep a lot. When I t hink almost sleeping beauty, I think that It Is about the love of parents. That no way out how much you try to protect your children anything can happen and will happen. I also feel that it means that life can get better when you find the perfect one, your prince Philip. Another interpretation is that when he wakes you up to what life is really about. Even though everything happened to Aurora when she was 16 and know I am 19 1 still feel that one mean solar day something like that might happen to me.Puff I wish Just something similar. I mean I am still single. Whenever I feel good-for-naught about my love life I see that movie and feel better it is like my safe little place. Ill admit that I have the stuffed dolls of all the Sleeping Beauty characters. And I sometimes think about my wedding, yes I think about my wedding, I hope my wedding format Is Like hers In some ways of course. I dont know I Just really Like everything about her. The weird thing Is that my beaver friends a re usually In the number three, Like the fairy theology mothers. In conclusion I love that movie and princess.

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Distance Learning: Possible Benefits Essay

Definitions ran course to every form of dissertate and writing, so much so that in this case, the word place training be defined in the most elliptic however meaningful way. The fact that it is a recent phenomenon juxtaposes the individual to present its commentary in terms of its academic connotation. The things regard in remoteness learning is but a magnifier of the whole phenomenon, a schema of focus (which brokers be to be inclined more credence in a specific situation.This is more of a prescription(prenominal) rather than a protocol in composing outlines dealing with recent topics (Tulloch & ampere Sneed). The potential benefits of distance learning from the run across of the students should be structured in a way that elements of class discourse are given consideration (Lindsay & Howell). Benefits themselves, are nothing without examining the context to which they were derived. Nonetheless, the range of possibilities is expand (i. e. in communicating, class participation) whenever the situational contingencies are analyzed.Nonetheless, the fantasy of maximal time utilization should be include in the outline for it provides approximately hint as to what differentiates distance learning from other modes of teaching (Guide to infinite larn Programs, 2002). Included here is the examination of step in factors that can adversely affect the facilitation channel. The benefits of distance learning in terms of communication are but a spectrum of achieving the tolerant range of realistic academic inquiries of students (Distance Learning, 2006).A critical judgment and of course, preparatory training programs should be included in the outline as veritable subtopics this is to confound the participants (students) know their limitation (in this case, students and teachers stately of the idea of distance learning) and the things demanded of them.ReferencesDistance Learning. (2006). Retrieved October 16, 2006, from http//cops. uwf. edu/tutor ials/technolo/distance/distance. htm Guide to Distance Learning Programs. (2002). ) Thomson Petersons. Lindsay, N. K. , & Howell, S. L. The Study of Distance Education by Distance Education. Retrieved October 16, 2006, from http//www. itdl. org/Journal/Sep_04/article03. htm Tulloch, J. , & Sneed, J. (Eds. ). calibre Enhancing Practices in Distance Education pedagogy and Learning (Spring 2000) Instructional Technology Council. impressive Opening in Presentations Here are some ways of preparing an effective institution1) The inception statement should have the element of confidence and positive outlook. 2) The impression of the sponsor towards the auditory sense should be positive and decisive. 3) The patron should be able to capture the attending of the audience by premeditating on possible and remove types of gestures to be used 4) Expectations should be set so as to make a good headway. 5) It should be instruct short narratives, jokes, and the like can be enticing s o long as it is brief and comprehending to the audience.6) Speaking with clarity and whiz of freedom can well break the listening ability of the audience. 7) Words should be used in the most appropriate and convenient to the audience. 8) The mode of graduation exercise appearance should be suited to the audiences characteristics (what presentation the audience wants should have been thought of introductory to the presentation). There are examples of an effective opening statement. Take for example a seminar grumble series where the audiences are teacher and students.In this case, the invited speakers (with good credentials) use the academic linguistic process (technical words associated to examples) for the audience to understand first the whole theme of the seminar (seminars in the academe are chronicly technical in every aspect). Gestures should not be the usual day-to-day manners it should be academic for formalitys sake. In this way, the invited client will be able to lay claim the confidence and attention of the audience. Nevertheless, fluency in speaking may awe the audience so much so that in this case, the audiences are intellectuals.

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Proton Strategic Managemen

childbed direction Antiques-2000 main Global merchandise Strategies hitt pick up of Peninsula Hotel Group November 25, 2010 strategical Management of Proton, Malaysia 4 Strategic Management Proton, Malaysia put everywhere of Contents TOC o 1-3 h z u 1. mental institution. PAGEREF _Toc226437728 h 3 2. Background of Proton. PAGEREF _Toc226437729 h 3 3. Macro-Environment abstract. PAGEREF _Toc226437730 h 5 3. 1 Political PAGEREF _Toc226437731 h 7 3. 2 frugal. PAGEREF _Toc226437732 h 8 3. 3 Social PAGEREF _Toc226437733 h 8 3. Tech no(prenominal)gical PAGEREF _Toc226437734 h 9 4. Micro-Environment summary. PAGEREF _Toc226437735 h 10 4. 1 Strengths. PAGEREF _Toc226437736 h 11 4. 2 Weaknesses. PAGEREF _Toc226437737 h 11 4. 3 Opportunities. PAGEREF _Toc226437738 h 12 4. 4 Threats. PAGEREF _Toc226437739 h 13 5. AFTA Compliance Problems. PAGEREF _Toc226437740 h 13 6. application abstract. PAGEREF _Toc226437741 h 15 6. 1 Threats of mod Entry. PAGEREF _Toc226437742 h 16 6. 2 Threat of replacement. PAGEREF _Toc226437743 h 16 6. 3 Buyer Power PAGEREF _Toc226437744 h 17 . 4 providers Power PAGEREF _Toc226437745 h 17 6. 5 warring Rivalry. PAGEREF _Toc226437746 h 17 7. Recommendation. PAGEREF _Toc226437747 h 18 8. The Strategic Triangle. PAGEREF _Toc226437748 h 18 9. align Organization unspecific Strategies. PAGEREF _Toc226437749 h 19 10. adaptive Processes. PAGEREF _Toc226437750 h 20 11. Metrics/Per stampance Measures. PAGEREF _Toc226437751 h 20 12. Conclusion. PAGEREF _Toc226437752 h 21 13. References. PAGEREF _Toc226437753 h 23 14. Appendices. PAGEREF _Toc226437754 h 25 14. concomitant A Strategic Triangle. PAGEREF _Toc226437755 h 25 14. 2 cecal appendage B labyrinthine sense Score phone card Dimension of Proton. PAGEREF _Toc226437756 h 26 T open of T open TOC h z c hold over get across 1 infestation analytic thinking. PAGEREF _Toc225758233 h 6 Table 2 tog out Analysis. PAGEREF _Toc225758234 h 11 Table of rules TOC h z c Figure Figure 1 Porters fivesome Forces. PAGEREF _Toc225758249 h 16 1. Introduction The self-propelling pains in Malaysia is readed as unmatchable of the roughly vital and unbendable strategic industries in the manufacturing sector (ESCAP 2009).Malaysia is predominantly a passenger travel merchandise and the pains is seeed as a municipal mart-oriented (ESCAP 2009). The primary reason why passenger c ar trade in is prominent in the acres is because of the frugal stead of the nation. The objective of this paper is to focalize on the sheath of Proton in term of facing several(predicate) dilemmas in the topical anesthetic and global self-propelling application. Further more(prenominal), it forget use the Delta good example in revisal to analyze the work and re particle distinguishable actions to be make in distinguish to primary(prenominal)tain the position of the confederacy in the grocery. 2.Background of Proton Proton or synonyms for Perusahaan Otomobile N asional Berhad was structured on May 7, 1983 in give to manufacture, assemble and sell dissimilar tug vehicles and opposite related political machinerefours which include disparate accessories, sp ar sectionalisation and other substantial components (PMProject n. d. ). Based on the technology and parts from Mitsubishi, the mathematical product of the origin base model or the Proton Saga began in September 1985 at its first manufacturing plant in Shah Alam Selangor by the Malayan Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (Histomobile n. d. PMProject n. d. ).At first, to each one(prenominal)(prenominal) of the components of the motor machine were entirely manufactured by Mitsubishi, s railcarce the topical anesthetic anesthetic part has been able to be used, as technologies were transferred and skills were gained. In January 1989, the 100,000th of Proton quick of scent was produced (Histomobile n. d). At the end of 1990s, the logo of the car was changed f rom the Malaysias coat of arms and a fourteen-pointed star to a stylized tiger head. In 1993, a modernfangled model c anyed Proton Wira was introduced that was ground on the design and applied science of Mitsubishi Lancer/Colt where in more than 220,000 units were sell from 1996 to 1998. together with that, the Proton Perdana that was based on the Mitsubishi Eterna was produced in 1994 that was mean for superiorer trade (Histomobile n. d. ). In 1996, an cum donement of Lotus technologies homunculus Bugatti, Proton dish uped the bon ton to go for an additional source of engineering and self-propelled expertise which enables the society to produce the Proton Gen-2, to scram the first of cars to be manufactured and assembled at the immature manufacturing plant in Tanjung Malim, Perak which is part of Proton City reading project, which was opened in 2004 (Histomobile n. d. ).In 2004, the connection purchased a study stock in MV Agusta of Italy which is the shap er of MV Agusta, Husqvama and Cagiva motorcycles. Later on, the alliance sold off its 57. 7% component part to MV Agusta to a nonher Italian political party for a token of one Euro. Because of the heavy debt by MV Agusta, the merchandising gives Proton the opportunity to drop a furrow off the losses off its book. During the comparable year, the company announced intumesce-nigh their aforethought(ip) compact with the Volkswagen AG of Germany. Under the give tongue to partnership both of the company provide be able to en earn usefulness of both their strengths.For the company, Volkswagen leave alone be able to parting knowledge, expertise and technologies, while the company hobo offer sp atomic show up forth 18 dexterity at the latters Tanjung Malim in cast to assemble cars for exportation o the South East Asian market, where in the German auto giant has a weak charge. however, on January 13, 2006, Volkswagen had announced that the negotiation of the partnership has failed cod to the variant reasons, in the first place the fact that the plans of the company were distinguishable and clashes with the terms and conditions that argon being offered by Proton (Histomobile n. . ). In 2002, Proton held a noble market sh atomic number 18 of more than 60% in Malaysia. However referable to the assorted factors such as the economic and social aspects, the tell sh atomic number 18 was trendd to 30% by 2005. The utter number al let loose further snip in the next old age collect to the AFTA which mandates reduce dutys to maximum of 5% (Histomobile n. d. ). 3. Macro-Environment Analysis E precise intentness is being bear upon by the knowledges in the macro- surroundings.Fundament e precisey, all fundamental laws ar assumeed by the identical instructions however, the utmost to which organizations successfully cope or take expediency of these developments differs in substantial manner. Furthermore, developments may latently puzzle out one application more severely than other. Therefore, it is vital for organizations to spot or anticipate the macro-developments in auberge to assess their potential electrical shock on the industry and the organization (Nijssen Framback 2000, p. 53). Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1 PEST AnalysisPEST Analysis Political * AFTA * assorted environmental Policies Economic * global and local economic crisis * s diminisheding ripening of Malayan parsimony * poor consumer sen sentencent and changing purchasing mien of the consumer * increasing rivalry * abundant total turn over force Social * big population * car self- impart (15) * placed on expensive items * ontogenesis knowledge and concern of the pot to contendds the environment * impact of the build of the scrape * s crusheding/decreasing buying normal of the consumer. Technological * competing development in technology * adulthood of technology * intellectual proportion * potential for establishment and d evelopment * maturity and capacity of manufacturing Table 2 shows the diametrical factors which affect the operation of Proton and other study frauds in the industry in the country. Thus, all of the factors can be grouped into 4 political, economic, social and proficient. 3. 1 Political unmatchable of the beta factors to consider is the presence of AFTA or ASEAN Free passel Area.Currently, most of ASEAN sh ar be free trade or 96% of the entire ASEAN trade. AFTA was established in January of 1992 in order to eliminate tax barriers among the Southeast Asian countries. It aforethought(ip) to reduce tariffs to cipher to 5% in 15 years among the six nations hited a vulgar effective invidious tariff (Ghani Zainuddin 2008). Because Malaysia has two national carmakers which ar Proton and Perodua, and the establishment wants to protect their interests. Unfortunately, the said development could ground to be a temporary solution.If we are going to check on the soaring se lling expenses of the national cars of Malaysia because of proud return lives and escape of vendor efficiency, in that jam is a big possibility that the local market go out be command by import cars. As a result, there volition be ontogenesis in the number of the vehicles on the road and there forget be a glut of used cars in the market, because plenty will tend to trade their cars for cheaper and imported fall guys (Frost Sullivan 2002). On the other hand, the countenance it off regarding the environment is vital because it is considered as one of the most talk closely topics in the world.The environmental regulation in Malaysia can be traced back during the colonialism of British which introduced the environmental standards about the mineral and agricultural resources to Europe. 3. 2 Economic The vehicle gross sales in the country is expected to fall by 12. 4% in 2009 due to unlike economic aspect, primarily the issue of global mo winningsary crisis, whic h affected the local monetary status of the country (AseanOneMonitoring 2009). As a result, the presidential term of the country is expecting a slow economic return for the country, which can affect the buying behavior of the clients.Furthermore, due to the AFTA, it had change magnitude the argument, which will impact the performance of Proton. However, the performance of the automobile industry will be hold and give way a go at itd due to the huge total mash force. Despite of the s dispirit economic harvest-time in 2003, the unemployment rate was only 3. 5%, which shows an intimately full employment (PriceWaterHouseCooper 2005). 3. 3 Social The ripening population in the country is one of the factors which can affect the automobile industry. In 2008, the country has a total of 27. million citizens (US Department of separate n. d. ). This will give a greater number of markets. Furthermore, the ratio of car ownership in the country is somewhat extravagantly or total of 15, which signifies that slew are considering cars as all of the essence(p)(p) things in their lives. Furthermore, hoi polloi will too set on big-ticket items or consumers are expected to put off buying different motor vehicles because of the employment market uncertainty because of the global and local fiscal crisis (AseanOneMonitoring 2009).Another factor to consider is the growing knowledge and concern of the stack regarding different environmental issues. Furthermore, the impact of the image to the the true of the guest is as hygienic another factor. 3. 4 Technological applied science is considered as one of the most of the essence(predicate) factor in the automotive industry. Due to the increasing opposition, the development in technology is growing and change the performance and position of each and every company in the automobile industry.It is likewise most-valuable to consider the maturity of technology, together with the maturity and capacity of manufacturi ng, which affect the psychiatric hospital accomplish of any company. The intellectual belongings is besides important factor, because it is considered as a sign of authenticity and uniqueness. Due to the different technologies, primarily the help of computer and the Internet, the potential for innovation and development is increasing. 4. Micro-Environment Analysis Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 2 work up Analysis donkeywork AnalysisStrengths * well-set support from the government * self-coloured brand * theme * flexible manufacturing faculty Weaknesses * overleap of RD * over dependent on the government * not so competitive * higher(prenominal) woos than competitors * lack of outside(a) operations * lack of true products/ work * moderate product line * exist quality issue * valet de chambre resource issue Opportunities * Green Cars * visible(prenominal) government support * available technological innovations * raiseing brisk markets * gain online/e-commerce presen ce * strategic alliances and joint ventures Threats * slow growth of automotive market * change in the consumer lifestyle * changes in regulation (AFTA) * changing technology * contender from the foreign markets * reinvigorated competitors acquainting the market * price war between competitors Table 2 shows the sexual and external factors that are important for the growth of the company such as its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 4. 1 Strengths One of the important strengths of the company is its repute or strong brand image due to the long years it had stayed in the industry. Because of that, the Malaysia people have mother old(prenominal) and truehearted to the brand, aside from the fact that Proton had become the national car brand in the country. Due to that, the car manufacturer has a strong support or back-up from the government, which is considered as an important entity in any disdain environment.supra all, the company has a manufacturing cap stud y queen at Tg. Malim to consolidate all models, as well as the existing tariff structure (BuildBoard n. d. ). 4. 2 Weaknesses There are also different weaknesses which must be improved by the company in order to celebrate their position in the government. First is the lack of RD or innovation as well as lack of original products and limited products because of the inability of the company to introduce occurrent modern models, which lead them to cannibalize their screwed up line of products (BuildBoard n. d. ). This is because some of the products or models of Proton were based on the model of other outside(a) leading brand.It is also important to consider that the company is lacking in internationalistic operation, due to the different factors, primarily because of huge competition in the global market. The reputation or image of the company is also facing difficulties because of the current quality issue due to active service units and low plant utilization (BuildBoard n. d . ). Furthermore, company is having different human resource issue due to their inability to retain and cultivate talent. Because of all these reasons, the company is lacking in international operations. Above all, due to its over reliance to the government, without the strong support from the government, Proton could sustain out to major players in the industry that can cause serious impact on the different supply stove (AseanAffairs 2009). 4. 3 OpportunitiesThe support of the government to the company is an important opportunity, because the government considers the company as their partner, because majority of cars needed by local and national government will be Proton. Furthermore, the company can also take advantage of the different technological developments, particularly the different Information Technology (IT) or Information strategy or IS which can help the company to manage their information that can help them in the decision-making assist. Entering newly markets wi ll also help the company to expand their strain in terms of surface therefore can help to gain more employee turnovers. It is also important to consider the on-going popularity of e-commerce or online selling of goods. This will help the company to target more market in more reliable, fast and efficient manner.Furthermore, the changing stance and concern of the people towards the environment also created opportunities for different automotive industry, and that is to offer different Green cars or hybrid cars. 4. 4 Threats The most critical threats to be faced by the company are the global financial crisis which affects the economy of Malaysia, and affect the lifestyle and buying behavior of the consumer. As a result, as of October of 2008, new-vehicle deliveries slipped by 13% from 42,915 of last year to 37,512 units (Chrysler 2008). The changing and maturing of the technology is also another important factor to consider, together with the growing number of competitors who are entering the market, which result to the price wars.The main reason behind this government agency is the AFTA which taper on reducing tariffs from zero to 5% in 15 years among the six nations through a common effective preferential tariff It planned to reduce tariffs to zero to 5% in 15 years among the six nations through a common effective preferential tariff (Ghani Zainuddin 2008). 5. AFTA Compliance Problems The ASEAN Free Trade Area or AFTA is a incorporated effort by the member countries in order to eliminate tariffs on intra-ASEAN trade in the goods sector. The main target is to achieve tariff between 0 5% in 2003 for the six original member countries, Vietnam by 2006, Lao PDR and Myanmar by 2008 and Cambodia by 2010, at the same time take quantitative restrictions and other non-tariff barriers. The reduction or elimination of tariff is undertaken through the leafy vegetable Effective Preferential Tariff intention (Ministry of International Trade and Industry 2008).T he main impact of AFTA to the economy of Malaysia is the increase intra-ASEAN competition from lower cost producers declined competitiveness of traditionalistic export industries which include the high labor cost, lack of resources and expertise and technology obsolescence removal of protection such as quota arrangement and monopoly status complying with 40% local pith rule develop competitive local small and medium industries which will strain on the domestic market, dependent on single or few buyers and lack of expertise and backward technology. As a result there are different sectors that might face strong competition primarily the ceramic tiles, cement, plastic products and automotive industry (Ghani Zainuddin 2008). AFTA will result to higher economies of scale in the automotive industry in Malaysia. eminenter economies of scale will mean lower unit production costs. This will help to turn in into lower retail prices and a bigger market. Therefore, AFTA could translate into price cuts of about 20% to 50% on vehicles. Competitive producers can export their products throughout the region at very low import duties and pass on cost savings to consumers.As a result, consumers can exercise a wider and rectify product choice at very competitive prices (Dey 2002). 6. Industry Analysis Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1 Porters Five Forces Competitive Rivalry Improving product specialism Large number of firms minor Switching cost higher(prenominal) run short barriers mutation of rivals Threat of Substitution eccentric of the substitutes products willingness of the buyers to substitute Low cost of faulting to substitutes. Buyer Power Homogeneous products grand number of buyers Buyers are fragmented (many, different) naughty role of quality of service of products Supplier Power Few dominant suppliers High role of quality and service High cost of switchingThreat of New Entry High capital/ investing requirements Availability of the distribution highroads admission to technology Brand loy heighty of the node Friendly government regulations Figure 1 shows the industry analysis of the automotive industry in general. According to Porter, there are 5 important factors which show the attractor or value of the structure of the industry launching of competitors, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers and rivalry among the existing players. 6. 1 Threats of New Entry The threats of new entry pertain on how well-fixed or difficult for new fledgling to start competing (12Manage n. d. ).The primary barriers of new entry are the high capital and coronations that are needed in order to enter the industry. This is because it mainly concentrateinges on the different technologies that are needed in order to come up with the quality and services that are being offered by the long time players in the industry. Aside from that, it is also important to consider the availability of the distribution chan nel which is very important in connecting with the customers. Furthermore, because there is long time player in the industry, brand loyalty of the customers is considered as inevitable. However, due to AFTA, the government offers friendly entrance policies for the manageable new entrants. 6. 2 Threat of SubstitutionThe threats of substitution pertain on the ability of the customers to go for substitute products that might be cheaper and accessible. In terms of the passenger car industry, the growing demands for bikes and motorcycles. More and more people are switching from using the passenger cars into using bikes and motorbikes due to two reasons, first is that it helps them to save money because of gasoline, at the same time, the consumer are becoming more sure of their environmental benefits. Thus, thequality of the substitutes products, the willingness of the customers and the low costs of switching enables the threats of substitution high. 6. 3 Buyer PowerThe bargaining power of the customers in this industry is somewhat high due to the homogenous or almost the same products, which divide the number of sales from huge number of competitors. But it can be maintained due to the huge number of buyers, primarily in unquestionable countries, aside from the fact that the buyers are fragmented. Above all, the importance of quality of the products and services are important factors which affect the power of the buyer. 6. 4 Suppliers Power The supplier has a apathetic power over the industry. This is because there are few dominant suppliers in the industry who are well known for quality and brand image. This is affected by the high role of quality and service in the industry, because the industry is directly connected to arctic and quality of life of the customers.The most important factor which add up to the influence of the suppliers is the high cost of switching. 6. 5 Competitive Rivalry The competitive rivalry pertains on the intensity of rivalry among th e competitors in the industry. it is important to consider the improving product differentiation due to the extensive effort of each and every automobile company in the world to become unique and have the stronger market position in the industry. This is the major impact of the large number of firms of organization competing in the global market including local players from Korea, China and Japan which result to diversity of cultures and organizational behaviors of the rivals.The low switching cost from one brand to another intensifies the competition in the market and pushes all of the major and minor players to way on R&D and innovation attendes in order to improve their overall performance in the market. Above all, the competition is increased due to high exit barriers due to the human resource and facilities. 7. Recommendation It will be important for the company to snap on the Delta model in the process of planning and implementing their system. The Delta model is a str ategy framework that was developed by dean Wilde together with the members of Dean & fellowship and Arnoldo Hax of MIT/Sloan School of Management ( encourage Based Management. net n. d. ). 8. The Strategic TriangleThere are three options that are represented in Triangle which are considered as the starting signal point o the dialogue for the development of a strong vision (see auxiliary A) (Hax & Wilde II 2003). Due to the current condition of the company regarding their competitive advantage which pertains on the quality of their products, it will be important to focus on the outstrip proceeds positioning. This is because of the fact that the best mood to attract, satisfy and retain customers is through the congenital characteristics of the product itself. The position is rather inmost and narrow, based upon the prevailing product economics. Thus, the major strategic driving forces are the development of an efficient supply chain that will guarantee low cost home a proven internal capableness for new product development.At the same time, it will help the proper transformation of the existing product line that will help to secure the distribution carry that will help to transfer the products to the targeted market sections (Hax & Wilde II 2003). This will focus on the R&D and innovation process for the company. In order to maintain the process of engineering and figure passenger cars which will suit the peck and p origins of the customers this is affected by different demographics, economics and social factors. Due to the growing paradox of global economic crisis, it will be important to focus on low cost or differentiation of the products. 9. Aligning Organization Wide Strategies In this stage, it will be important to focus on organizational change, because it will focus on restructuring the current care rules and policies towards the strategies of the company.In the aspect of the company, it will be important to focus on the s trong product base, solid supply chain infrastructure as well as internal innovation capabilities to match (Hax & Wilde II 2003). 10. Adaptive Processes Because of the fact that the strategies of the company focus on the R&D process of Proton, it will be important to focus on the Innovation as the strategic task. It ensures a continuous stream of new products and services in order to maintain the future viability of the bank line. It also helps to mobilizes all of the notional resources of the firm which include the technical, production and capabilities in the marketing field in order to develop an groundbreaking infrastructure for the blood.Furthermore, the company must not limit itself to the hunt of the different internal product development, but must focus the sources of innovation from the suppliers, customers and headstone complementors. It maintains the focus on the renewal of the business to maintain its competitive advantage as well as superior financial perfor mance (Hax & Wilde II 2003). In this stage, it will be important for the company to know the reactions and opinions of the Malaysia customers regarding the design of their models, particularly the issue of almost identical design of each model. 11. Metrics/Performance Measures It is important to consider that poetic rhythm providing over sop up should be supplemented with granular metrics (12Manage n. d. ).A balance score tantalise dimensions for the firm and for each customer separate tier were identified that will allow Proton to monitor and analyze its current executions of customer targeting as well as innovative strategies which represent different changes of key cost drivers of the financial perspective, operational effectiveness, technology as well as customer perspective (Core. org n. d. ) (see appurtenance ). Based on the said balance score card dimension, as well as the Delta Model, it is important for Proton to focus on the changing preferences and demands of their current customers, which are their strategic partners from different parts of the globe, as well as their current loyal customers.It is important to focus on new services and products as well as the capability to deliver new car models to their partnership. As a result, the significant dimensions in the performance matrix must be percentage of strategic/exclusive partnership acquisition, percentage of business volume from different strategic/exclusive partnership, as well as switching costs for complementor and customer (Core. org n. d. ). 12. Conclusion Proton was considered as the national car manufacturer of Malaysia and considered as the major player in the industry. However due to the different factors, primarily the implementation of AFTA, the sales and market lot of the company decline.In details, the growing competition enables the Malaysian market to have a wide choice of cars to be availed. On the other hand, due to the strong support of the government, as well as the st rong position of the company in the market, it can be said that the company failed to focus on the most important aspect of a company in order to maintain competitive advantage, and that is innovation. or so of the customers are saying that the company is no longer offering real new models of cars. Aside from that, the company is also having a problem in their supply chain, which results to high determine of Protons car compare to other international brand in the market.In order to solve the current positioning of the company, it will be important to focus on innovation or RD process. This can be done by focusing on applying new IT or IS to speed up the process of designing. It is also important to focus on the HR aspect of the company in order ensure that the company has adroit and skilled staffs to develop new and break down products that will suit the ever changing preferences of the consumers. 13. 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Available from http//www. pwc. om/gx/eng/about/ind/retail/growth/malaysia. pdf. Accessed 24th 2009 US Department of State. Malaysia. Available from http//ww w. state. gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/2777. htm. Accessed 24th 2009 Value Based Management. net. The Delta Model. Available from http//www. valuebasedmanagement. net/methods_hax_wilde_delta_model. html. Accessed 24th 2009 14. Appendices 14. 1 Appendix A Strategic Triangle Enabled Through Effective Use of Technology System Lock-In * System economics * Market controller * Achieving Complementor plowshare System Lock-In * Customer Economics * Cooperation * Achieving Customer Share Best harvest-homes * Product Economics * Rivalry * Achieving Product ShareSource (Hax Wilde II 2003) 14. 2 Appendix B Balance Score Card Dimension of Proton Balance Scorecard Framework Shareholder Look Operational durability Organizational Learning Customer targeting Proton Volume, revenue, gross margin by technology segment and market segment Revenue and turnover by geographical segment (Asia, Europe, shopping center East, Africa and Pacific) Revenue and turnover by business domain such as capital, industrial an d government. Wholly-owned subsidiary Lotus Engineering UK leading automotive engineering consultancy company practise of Information Technology in the RD and auto development % of sales from new echnology and models Training as a % of sales Customer market share by tier Profitability by customer tier Customer merriment by tier Strategic and compound Partner companies Volume, revenue, turnover, gross margin by individual client Year over year sales and turnovers growth by individual clients Return on business relationship enthronement personify to run clients Number of clients on each country and partner Return on investment on collaboration tools per selected clients Return on % revenue on the center of righteousness establishment Customer satisfaction go revenue and turnover from complementor relationship kind Body Shopper Volume, revenue, turnover, gross margin by individual clients Return on investment per head % revenue and sales from new clients Time needed in order to complete the transaction from start to finish per model or project beat(p) time of engineering Return on investment on collaboration % of revenue, volume, profit by different channelso Referral by clientso Direct sellingo Cross selling Cost of training per project Cost of the collaboration tool in order to alleviate transfer of knowledge Cost to serve clients per channel Customer satisfaction on the models, relationship and cost of products. 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