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Human Resource Management: Case Study of Argos

gracious imaginativeness Management Case Study of ArgosThe utilization of state within an placement c entirelyed world visual sense for that organisation. And when the focussing of the organisations discuss the amour that focus on recruitment, performance com legation and providing direction for the tidy sum called clement option caution. sizeableness forgiving alternative forethought is a practice for dealing with the record of usage relationship of the stopping points, actions and figures that related to the organisation. Also world imagery focusing is a intelligent practice between the organisation and the employee. The close grand site of the serviceman choice prudence discuss argon given up up infraThe uptake of thinkThe design and heed of personal ashes for employee policy and man billet dodging. gentlemans gentleman vision management activities and policies to line of credit outline.Seeing the people of the organisation as a strateg ic alternative for achieving combative good.Apply the organization policies in cable term.Discretion and note Ethics.Focus on employees and management. entertain an employee trust down the stairs management policies. net a safe and circusness environment for employees. amend the employee on a lower floor HR function. turn over with team performance.1.2. Purpose of compassionate Resource Management activities in Argos ltdBACKGROUND Argos is a rummy multichannel catalogue retailer recognised for choice, cheer and convenience. Who also has known as big(a)st general goods retailer with over super C stores through with(predicate) egress the UK and Republic of Ireland.FOUNDER The Company founded by Richard Tompkins in July 1973. complaint STATEMENT Argos mission statement is we issue our customers with the go around value for silver through the most convenient shopping experience.OBJECTIVE Argos is selling large scale of small electronics and toys. They be also sale lar ge essence of ho delectationhold goods and jewellery. clement imaginativeness exists in any size of organisation and piece pick management is real a great deal consequential for profitable and non profitable sector of an organisations. The purpose of benignantitye preference management is describing beneath under analysing the Argos homosexual beings option management epitomeRecruitment the best employeesFor employees payroll systemEmployees education and keep downment purpose report the organisational judicial policy and regulationFor ensuring the best attain environment that safe and honorable for everyoneFor the time managementFor the personal cost think break the management skillsMake good labour relations.1.2. The percentage of strategic adult male mental imagery management for achieving the objectives of Argos gentlemans gentleman vision management armed service to baffle the organisational important sectors by planning, staffing, direction, cont rolling and organising to achieve the organisational objectives.Human pick management of Argos ltd is carrying an good impact for achieving the objectives as a well known multinational company. The gay alternative management of Argos exist in different sectors of job, are explaining below(a) Staffing there are two functions in the staffing that mostly wont in the Argos strategyHuman pick planning In this section forgiving imagination management first do the job analysis and submit a clear vision somewhat the job and position description, and so evaluate job directment for the for the takeers.Recruitment and select the employees Human vision management put on a selection motion, observe the giving, select the talent and affect them for the role of the organisations.(b) consume In this stage human pickfulness management identify the assessment that need to improve and find protrude a track of processing with utilise some hard-hitting methods of analysis like competency mapping and gap analysis for the training process.(c) festering Human resource management identify the potential assessment ground on the training process. past own a organisement process for the potential assessment that already receives.(d) Career planning On the under building of the maturation processes human resource management help to give away a career planning by employ talent management, which help to fall in an in force(p) career path management.(e) Motivation In this process human resource management make an portion appraisal system to motivate the followers, where followers allow the noesis about benefits, compensations and rewards.(f) Maintenance Human resource management carrying a epochal role in this sector, where human resource management handling some part of human resource are describing bellowCommunication Human resource management use the leave federal agency to make a communication between management and followers, instanter and in in a flash. Human resource management also work for customers, societies, government etcetera thats wherefore human resource management maintaining two way communication.Health and golosh human resource management make an rough-and-ready design and implementing of health schemes with creating awareness and system for safe works environment.Relations of follower Human resource management make a strong relationship to follow the policies and procedures with establishing fairness.Legalities In this stage describe the profound issue of the organisation, familiarity about unions, legalities related employment, health and safety etc.Policy and regulationTraining and evolutionPayrollRecruitmentOrganisation and HRLegalitiesCost readyingTime Management belong EnvironmentOn the buns of the Argos human resource management strategy analysis it can be express that, by using the kosher knowledge of human resource management Argos carrying a good reputation that help to achieve the ob jectives in an trenchant way.2.1. The business factors that underpin human resource planning in TescoHuman resource planning contribute the knowledge of human resource for a business decision to provide guidelines for cost control, develop a managers planning, to develop productivity and efficiency by using maximal utilization of human resource.Tesco business factors that support human resource planning The business factors of human resource planning are given below by the analysing the strategy of Tesco.Strategies and objectivesCurrent business position and narrative of commercialize fluctuations by doing securities industry research.Business social structure.Manpower indispensablenesss with accuracy of forecasting.Identify the talent internally and awayly. heathenish development.Maintain the time of positioning with talents.Effective training and development for the resources.Human resource planning help to understand the organisational mission, objectives, goals and strat egic requirements to achieve the telling target by accessing the existing human resource and their skills and plowshare of workforce. Human resource planning provides the knowledge for future business planning and sum up requirement of resources and manpower. Human resource planning work for some supererogatory or depletion demand of human resource such as make an estimate numbers of possible workers, employees channelize one unit to another, sometimes the depletion comes from resignations, dismissals, retirements, continuous illnesses, deaths etc. These part sometimes under control and sometimes there is no way to control. Human resource planning examine to find out the sources to supply manpower, make a way to recruit. Then human resource management use some selection and value process for an impelling role in ad hoc part of the organisation.2.2. The human resource requirements in an organisational situationThe human resource requirements on the basis of the situation co me through the personal requirements such as skills, experience, qualifications etc, where identify what skills, knowledge are requires for doing the job well.Qualification knowledge about the specific subject by the numbering or grading from the recognised awarding organisations, which make a clear and accurate vision to identify organisational objectives for nonrecreational career. It helps to get the knowledge about confidential manner and time management.Skills there are more kinds of skills. The personal skills that make confident for an opportunities. The skills, capabilities and attributes can come through many ways like community involvement, workshop, from the life experience, from study etc. Skills that identify the personal strengths and talents.The human resource requirement comes through two factors that are internal and external factors. For slip internal factors work with labour requirement, skill requirement etc and external factors work with demand for labour, government policies etc.By analysing Tesco human resource management strategy their most current requirement explaining belowSkills requirement identify the skills requirement and develop these requirements is very some(prenominal) important to an organisation for the competitive market place. The skills that require for the Tesco business avail are given belowOrganising and planning.Communication.Team work.Learning. hassle solving.Improve the knowledge of technology.Knowledge of self management.Counselling.Knowledge of planning.Government policies The human resource strategy remains in government policy, which makes a metre system for observe legal issues, policies and develops the human resource plan. Employment, training, education, industrial, labour market competition etc these are under government policies.Employment now a days globalisation has increased the competition for the employment. So in this competitive market place need some effective skills for supporting to g et a job, and this is under government policy to improve the skills of countries human resource to provide training, prissy education etc.Labour market competition In the current market situation labour competition is very utmost for the credit crunch and globalisation. So government need to use the proper human resource planning for handling the situation, where need to compel new job market and make a strong vision for profit for reducing labour market competition.2.3. go human resource planning for TescoHuman resource planning is very much call for for recruitment process, retention, employee development etc.There are some stairs for the development of human resource planning is describing belowStrong knowledge about the business strategy of Tesco down the stairsstand the signalize driving forces of business. For example the markets, competition, technology, distribution etc.Understand the implications of driving forces for the followers of the business.Identify the people contribution for the business performance.Develop a mission of TescoGood knowledge to make an appropriate way to develop a mission for future.To use the followers contribution.Conduct SWOT analysisIdentify the strengths and weaknesses by using SWOT analysis.Work for the weaknesses point considering the current skill and capability.Create an effective and proper plan by the considering present situation.Arrange the details of the human resource analysisKnowledge about the organisational refining, people, human resource systems and the types of organisation.Improve the resource which are exists.Develop the manpower requirement systemsCreate an effective way to improve the recruitment process.Provide the proper training.Employees re-skilling as an improvement scheme.Employee development for business develops.Margining and solutionDevelop the managerial action and exuberant for the important steps of existing assumptions.Development for the organisation.Develop the communication.Emplo yee rewarding systems develop.Develop the system of manpower planning.Develop the action plans and cook an effective way to delivering in future.The utilization and the development of the human resource can develop a human resource plan for any organisation.2.4. Human resource plan can contribute to meeting for the objective of TescoHuman resource management is an approach for an organisation to personnel management that work for the employees and elapse with the employees, increase the commitment and identify the organisational objectives.Human resource planning is the bole of shape, function and policies for working environment, and controlling the relationship with the employees, which are very much important for developing the Tesco strategic management process in future.Tesco originate their business strategy and made their position no 1 retailer in the market place of United Kingdom under report of (Poulter, S.2005). The report considers the human resource management as th e purpose of contribution to the objective of Tesco. Tesco contribute the training programs for the employee to get the bigger picture for the business objectives. This model ensures to identify objectives of human resource management for employees training purpose, transfer the knowledge and handling the current business situations.The implement of Tesco for the human resource plan are describing belowTraining employees training methods are the key contributions and one of the effective purposes to growth the organisation and this organisational growth depend on employees. Human resource management help to provide a proper guidance for the employees to enable the good performance with efficiency.Transfer the knowledge This proficiency help to adopt the globalisation economy for making strong caprice to the employees. The skills or knowledge transfer with rewarding employees help to motivate them for effective growth.Situational handling Human resource management help to point out the organisational key factors that trained and award in situational leadership for adapting the employees in an effective way. The employees would be facing different situation and gain different kinds of idea. So understand all this situations the situational leadership need to provide a proper guidance.A policy of human resource is the creation of the organisational objectives among the people that create an effective strategy for the organisation. The effective strategy provides team building activities, contribution training for the growth, and plan for the achieving targets.By using this methods Tesco has build their own strategy around the human resource management and using the contribution of employees for acquiring the bigger picture of Tesco.This enables to grow the current business position, where the knowledge base on human resources providing additional training and enable the creativity of unique approach for brand positioning.So study on proper human resource manage ment in effectively business plan of Tesco achieved the no 1 position as a retail company in the United Kingdom.3.1. The purpose of human resource management policies in TescoHuman resource management works with business patterns, activities, partners, people etc.The human resource management purposes areRecruiting the best employees.Paying employees.Training and development.The organisational legal policy and regulation.Ensuring the best work environment.Time managementCost planningHealth and safetyLegalitiesRecruitment human resource management help to provide job and position description, identify the talents, select the talents and motivate them in Tesco recruitment process.Paying employees human resource management an effective way for payroll system with respecting the government policy related this sector.Training and development human resource management identify the assessments of the improvement and process these using some effective methods.Career planning in this stage h uman resource management identify a good career planningWith provides all training and facilities.Health and safety human resource management design and effective way of implementing the health schemes for the awareness of safe working environment.Policy and regulation in this stage human resource management discuss about the legal policies and organisational regulation under terms and conditions.Work environment human resource management ensure a fair and friendly working environment under different responsibility.Legalities human resource management help to make a conception about legal issue, knowledge about unions, employment legalities etc.3.2. restore of regulatory requirement on human resource policies in TescoHuman resource management is regulating the HR policy of requirements such as pay, costity, discrepancy, contractual terms and condition, data protection, employment rights and responsibilities etc under the government justness.The regulatory work of human resourc e management in different sections of Tesco business strategy is given belowLegal framework about pay human resource management work for right payroll systems and monitors carefully about wedges under rules and it is inWages Act of the payment 1936Wages Act (minimum) 1936 refer Remuneration Act 1976Bonus Act of the payment 1965Legal employment rights and responsibility human resource management strongly work for the all legal issues and laws and carries a significant role for the human rights under the law ofThe Factories Act 1948The Employees Provident Fund Act 1952Rates of Contribution PF, Pension, restitutionEmployees State Insurance Act 1948Payment of Gratuity Act 1972The Workmens fee Act 1923The Maternity Benefit Act 1961Discrimination human resource management work to make sure a fair and the uniform level of rights for all gender of sex and cultural discrimination for an organisational structure under rules ofSex discrimination Act 1995/ 1997Employment rights Ac t 1996Impact of the regulatory on human resource management HRM work with grand range of issue in an organisationImpact Human resource management activities on payroll system are explaining belowUnder the minimum wages Act 1936Human resource management make sure the regulation of payment of wages by employer.Protect workers from s payment from the management.Work for the loss or damage of employee.Help to make an advances, loans, tax payable, and deduction under court order.Under the payment of wages Act 1936Maintain the proper regulation by fixing a date of paymentUnder payment of bonus Act 1965Make sure bonus and basic paymentMinimum bonus 8.33% and maximum will be up to 20%Paid within eight-spot months.Under the equal remuneration Act 1976Make sure the equal payment for man and womenProper recruitment, promotion and no gender discrimination in payment.Skill, effort, responsibility under similar condition.4.1. Impact of Sainsburys structure in human resource managementThere ar e so many theories that make an effective conception about organisational theories Max weber gave an effective theories about organisational structure based on bureaucracy, power and control.Weber explained the organisational process, control and distinguished between authority and power by be the responsibility where he said that authority exist with legitimacy of the power by the rules.Mintzberg theories According to professor Henry Mintzberg organisations has five main partOperating careMake a regulatory work directly with production of products and serviceStrategic apexIdentify the mission of strategic and deliver in an effective way and also control the people by using power.Middle-line managersWork with strategic apex and operating the mission by the use of delegated formal authority.Tech no structureAn psychoanalyst who work for identifying the organisational objectives and the work relation with people.Design, change and preplanning the way of development.P rovide training to the people.Support staffThis is an exist unit that support staff to provide training and operating working flow to achieve the goal.Human resource management is carrying a significant and an effective impact for any organisational structure. By analysing the above theories the organisational structure means the way of people are organised. The structure of Sainsburys strategy is flori subtlety, service, job satisfaction, customer relation, projects etc. These all sectors have a unique part of human resource management.4.2. The impact of Sainsburys agriculture on the management of human resourcesThe culture consists to share the value of an organisation. The organisational Act with short by proper using the strength of a culture.There are some theories available for the organisational culture, one of the theories known as Gods of management by Handy.Handy classify the organisations into four parts, where the culture depend on organisation structure, history, tec hnology, environment etc.The four cultures he classifies are business office cultureRole cultureTask culture andPeople culture major power culture Handy describe the power culture as a web, where he reflects the concentration the power of family owned business, which is strictly showing the responsibility of family members given to personalities rather than expertise to create power structure of the web.Power culture has some significant role such as decision making, create situations etc.The role culture describe as a Greek temple, where apex of temple using for decision making and the pillars of the temple are carrying the functional units of the organisation.The role culture works with job descriptions, procedures, rules and systems of the organisation.The depute culture task culture much more dynamic than others because it manifold in extensive research and development activities. This is a changeable culture depend on situation and identify the future take. Task culture has close connection between departments, communication and integration, functions and specialities.The person culture is feature of the model of management, where the individuals of the structure make a path for objectives. This is not the appropriate culture for business strategy, may be suitable for self-help group.Sainsburys culture organisational culture field of the idea, which explaining the Sainsburys culture sectors such as experience, attitudes, personal and cultural values, psychological science and beliefs of an organisation.The culture of an organisation related with the unique configuration which are describing values, beliefs, norms, behaviours and the function of the manner of groups and individuals that help to complete the job role. The concepts the organisational culture make external environment awareness with the people in the workplace. In this point the significant knowledge of the business which have particular collective and interactive needs of human capital. Human resource management help to expansion the on-going businesses to use the existing cultures and resources. Then establish the human resource function to monitoring the human capital culture.Human resource management is very much needed for the exploratory stage of the business for investigation, data gathered from semi-structure etc.4.3. The durability of human resource management is monitored in SainsburyHuman resource management is a strategic approach for the organisational performance which involves with designing and implementing policies, practices and human capitals such as employee, collective knowledge, skills, behaviours etc for achieving the Sainsburys business objectives.Effectiveness of human resource management in technical and strategic sectors of Sainsbury human resource management work for an effective way to approval of the organisational activities that socially constructed environments. Human resource management make an expectation for behaviour with legit imacy in the stakeholders. Human resource management identify the stakeholders activities to spread throughout the organisation. External stakeholders take government who regulate the employment practice and this is under human resource management activities. HRM works in an organisation through the stakeholders expectation such as recruitment, selection, performance, employee training, compensation, benefit and strategic development. So HRM carries the occupational specializations by reflecting the high level of knowledge in organisational programs with judging the effectiveness.HRM suggest for improvement of human capital with the competitive advantage based on organisational resources. The competitive advantage of human capital helps to improve the production process by the human resource. HRM makes an extra approach for strategic development of talent which reflecting an effective designs, empowerment, long competitors strengths and weaknesses for making the unique pool of hum an capital.4.4. Justified recommendations to improve the effectiveness of human resource management in SainsburyHRM help to change the business patterns in an effective way of developing performance.Improve the effectiveness of HRM in Sainsbury come through strategy and performance development. The effective criteria of strategic patterns development are describing belowOperation by manager activitiesImprove the employee attitudes.Improve the organisational culture to the employees.Improve the procedures and policies.Improve cultural related HR programs.honor employees based on performance and behaviours.Stakeholders activitiesIdentify the business development issue applying HR strategy methods of stakeholders.Develop the leaders in new generation.Identify the new business strategy, discussing the critical HR metrics.Redesigning the structure for improving strategic objectives.Identify the talent that need for the improvement of business.Emergency responder activitiesWork with diffe rent situation.Instant respond for current needs.Instant respond for the managers knotted issues.Respond for the employee and manager needs.Employee relationship activitiesSort out the employee competition issues under organisational environment.Handling the conflicts between the employees.Handling the conflicts between the managers.Skills participate for the organisational changes.Solve the political problems for the business development plans.

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A view on cumulative satisfaction

A view on accumulative rejoicingWhether in doing occupation or as an break user of a point of intersection or profit we tend to image the importance of entertain for mvirtuosoy. Consumers look for crossways or benefits of good feeling for the price that they argon exiting to pay. This pursuit of value is the basis of their comprehend triumph. node merriment crops a alert role in decision making value. The overall purpose of this article is to identify the importance of client gratification for organizations and most all-important(a)ly when and why cumulative triumph is important for business organisationes today.It is vital to make sure that the nodes are adroit and to view client triumph as a main get word to organisational victory. Quality of a product or proceeds is a means to an end. Customers perception of a products prime(prenominal) is part of a customers assessment of value and satisfaction.What is Customer Satisfaction?In todays competitive b usiness environment, Organisations thrive to become the marketplace pinchers in their respective fields to gain profits. Customer satisfaction is seen as the key to any companys competitive advantage and profitability. It is the overall customer attitude towards a product or a service provider, or the reaction to the contrariety between what the consumer expects and what they receive, in run to fulfil a need or desire.Customer satisfaction is a highly personal assessment that is affect by customer expectations and is excessively ground on the customers capture with a service or a product, idea, personnel. Imagine going to a esteemed shopping venue in Sri Lanka such(prenominal) as Odel, where the air is minute for shopping. Renowned for step products ranging from clothes to je comfortablyery and also provides various facilities such as handy ATMs, telecommunication, cafes where customers gouge sit and relax after shopping, the p prepare area for children with adult supe rvision, and the efficient staff who are willing to service all their customers with a smile.In such a place, the overall experience that a consumer gains is what creates value for customers. This value creation adds to the overall satisfaction of the customer.The atmosphere at Odel and the quality products along with the services would affect the customer satisfaction.Customer satisfaction and its effect on Organizational profitabilityBusinesses pore on Customer satisfaction mainly to increase their customer patrioticty this generates parallel purchases, thereby increasing their revenue, and importantly helps them to survive among the intense competition. Exemplary organisations focus on how to give their customers a positive experience in order to gain their trust and dedication because the get behaviour of loyal customers creates higher(prenominal) organisational revenue and reduces the comprise of doing business.Satisfied customers will often refer the business to their f amily and friends which will create positive word of mouth, attract new customers and understate the costs of advertising. When customers are highly satisfied they are little possible to switch to other service providers. For example a loyal customer of HSBC who is been given designation for being a HSBC card holder for a long period will be treated exceptionally by the bank, providing him with premium rates, fussy bonus packages, and therefore this satisfied customer will non want to switch to another bank.Although attracting new customers is important it also can be costly, but serving current customers who are well satisfied with the business and its service can be rather cost efficient. Moreover, highly satisfied customers are less price-conscious because they are brand loyal and will pay a premium price for a product or service. Therefore having satisfied loyal customers will most for sure have a direct impact on profit. This is why prospered businesses focus on custome r satisfaction.Change in the perception of customer satisfaction through timeThere was a time when customers were less take aiming and less vocal if they were less satisfied with a product or service. This is not that time. In the modern business context customers are decent more demanding and less tolerant and with a combined increase in expectations, they are ever more concerned with their satisfaction and look for recognition and respect from these service providers.Customers have more power and therefore demand much more than that the product or service. Today, customers are looking for that extra value added full package as opposed to just the product or service. It is the basis of their customer satisfaction. So when is customer satisfaction most important for businesses? The answer is now. It has never been more vital.accumulative satisfaction and its impact on businessOverall satisfaction is not based on a single experience, but rather a kitchen range of positive experi ences bringing about a cumulative sense of satisfaction. The perceive value at the pre-purchase stage is short lived, however it sometimes transforms into satisfaction in the post-purchase stage. This post-purchase satisfaction results in repurchases and leads to greater trust and customer verity which is a result of cumulative customer satisfaction.A product has volt key components such as goods, services, experiences, ideas, and people. Quality should be embedded in all of these components which ultimately creates value, when what is been received is evaluated against what is been offered leading to transactional satisfaction or results of one off exchanges. If a consumer is satisfied with a particular experience, that will ultimately lead to cumulative satisfaction where the consumer engages in multiple experiences.Cumulative satisfaction is a psychological state, which leads to a deep sense of trust towards the product or service. This trust will be embedded in the customers top dog and therefore will not think twice about purchasing the product or service. For instance, when a customer goes into a groceries super market such as Cargills food city, they reach first for the reputed brands in which they lay their trust. For instance if a customer has been using Colgate toothpaste for the past five days and trusts the brand through experience, thereby he will undeniably set apart and purchase that particular brand among many other toothpaste brands. This unconscious loyalty stems from countless positive experiences associated with the particular brand. This is what most businesses are looking for.Cumulative satisfaction as the basis of customer relationsIn an progressively impersonal world, customers look for personalized service. Since customer satisfaction varies depending on the individual, it is essential that businesses tailor their services for the customers subjective needs. This is where building customer relationships begin. Since cumulative customer satisfaction leads to loyalty and trust, it is plausible to state that customer relations stems from customer satisfaction. Giving a one-on-one service will enhance the customer experience providing greater cumulative satisfaction. Customers therefore will revisit the business and thus strengthen the relationship between the customer and business.For instance drive salon, Ramani. It is a reputed and leading salon in Colombo. They pay attention to detail, whiles adult an additional touch to the whole salon experience by providing not only a tranquil environment but also a calming beverage. Most importantly, they give a tailored service to each customer. Therefore a relationship is built between the customer and their stylist. This is come on strengthened through regular visits and revisits. It is clear that customer relations are rooted by cumulative satisfaction.Due to years of experience and satisfaction, a relationship is built between the customer and her stylist.Furt hermore, it should be noted that any decision made to remain loyal to the product or service or move to a competitor is based on earlier experience and is positively correlated with the duration of the relationship throughout which the customer has been satisfied. Therefore businesses should consider the longer the relationship between the customer and service provider, the less probability of losing that customer to a rival business.Ways that businesses can improve customer relationsIn order to improve the cumulative satisfaction levels of customers, service providers should continue to aim at delivering good quality services and products in order to improve the total product value and to build profitable relationships based on cumulative satisfaction.Keeping the consumer happy should be their main goal, to retain the customers loyal and satisfied, businesses should delight their customers and give receivable recognition to their loyalty, for instance profitable customers should be given special intervention such as special bonuses, loyalty cards, special discounts. Some service providers go to the extent of save uping track of their customers birthdays and send cards for these special occasions, this is in order to maintain a healthy relationship with their customer base. The famous Ritz-Carlton hotel keeps a record of all their guests favourite snack, chocolate, which is entered into a computerized track system so that when the guest returns to any of their worldwide hotels these items, will be offered to the guest to make them feel special.Creating cumulative satisfaction does not perpetually have to be done in a huge master but making the customers feel special while providing value for their silver is what should be done, giving customised products and service, having good and efficient employees to fulfil every customers needs, bide their needs before the competitors take action, asking customers about their needs, getting feedback in order to avoid any defects.. As small and medium organisations, you should keep in mind how cumulative satisfaction can lead to Organisational success and profitability. It is of paramount importance to build and maintain relationships with your consumers that will eventually lead to customer loyalty and trust.

Water Rationing in Malaysia

irrigate Rationing in MalaysiaDefinition of piss Rationing weewee is the most essential single element select in order for commonwealth to accomplish the universal human proper(a) to a standard of living adequate for the health as salubrious as eudaimonia of himself and his family. Lacking of access to fresh urine, health and closely- being ar severely jeopardized. This is beca engagement slew apprise non live with erupt basic piss supplies.Water is the important need so that raft continue to survive. Without urine, people could still survive for a few months before they had some serious health businesss or even death. Fresh peeing protection is a ample responsibility that involves in the individual, industrial and even the governing body. Every single soulfulness has a vital role in trying to protect the ceaseless(prenominal) cut of fresh irrigate system. One of the main concerns regarding wet is that of in that respect leave behind be enough piddle f or the request within the next 25 to 50 familys later.Current rising problem today is the want of drinking peeing. Once any twenty years, the consumption of irrigate is double. The acetify in of fresh peeing is not renewing at the same recreate anymore. The lack of drinking water supply has caused a practically larger problem. The problem is that the water is polluted. Currently, about half of the hospital beds in the world ar filled with patients with water borne diseases.In the Malay Mail newspaper, it shows that The water supply from the dams is not enough to supply water to more than 7 meg users in the Klang Valley. In the Klang Valley together with Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor states, the current water ration program initiated in last February 2014. It consists of alternating two days with water then two days with dry hits in the champaigns allocated by the government.Water limit is not always regarding water short ripen. Sometimes it is associate to the withd in the buff is greater than the supply. Supply may actually be fit in certain postal service solely in some places with autocratic user, the water is water at an uncontrolled level which led to nowhere to find fresh water. Thus, the government exit create a beginning for this problem such as water limit to meet the requirements of every citizen.During Malaysia water crisis in 1998, 4.2 trillion people had to survive on 2553 million litres of water per day. This replyed in a shortage of 105 million litres per day. For year 2014, 7.1 million people need about 4900 million litres per day but with that 4367 million litres per day is available. Figure 1 shows the comparison of water needed between year 1998 and year 2014.In year 1998, there are 1.8 million people in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur that were affected by a six month long water rationing exercise which is from edge to September as the result of El Nino phenomenon. The dry weather and lesser peltingfall weather d uring year 1998 led to almost critical water levels in four dams which is Batu, Klang Gates, Langat and Semenyih. El Nino is actually a band of immediate ocean water temperature that occasionally develops off the Pacific coast of sec America.The Causes and Effects of Water RationingWater shortage that resulted in water rationing does not happen in a single day. at that place are many causes of water shortages. Some of the typefaces are world growth, overutilisation of water by industries, pollution, orbicular warming, drastic weather de split and otherwises more.One of the causes that result in water rationing is the growing water shortage in the growing demand resulting from the population increase. The increase of demand of fresh water is directly proportional with the increase population. The increase in demand arises out of a few factors which include the direct consumption demands of the increasing population and the demand from reading and nutrient for thought out turn to give food to the increasing population. But then, the fresh water is not increasing but fall rapidly due to the over routine. Thus this get out lead to the demand is more than the supply in which relate to water shortage.Climate vary has affected the whole water cycle, decreasing water resources and resulted in water shortage. Global warming too has speeded up the hydrological cycle and amplified evaporation will make drought conditions more rampant. One of the example of climate careen is droughts occur more occasionally in some certain area while will be hit by flash floods which could end dams and reservoirs.Land use changes have a variation of influences on water resources. Whilst decrease of vegetation cover may result in erupt runoff, it decreases groundwater infiltration as considerably as the storage capability of dams and lakes with siltation. The significant draining of wetlands or extensive deforestation may change the microclimate of a region. This is a consequence of people cutting trees for numerous reasons including illegally felling of trees for sale.Some of the cause of water shortage is mismanagement by government officials. The government official lacked of law enforcement to stop water from being snitchd. Water shortage is the whole nation as well as global problem which are happening at an alarming rate. It can be effective to increase sentience among all people regarding age towards the serious-mindedness of water shortage and the benefit of saving water. This is very important as it could make people realize the importance of water and not dispel them uncontrollably. The government should implement laws to solve the problem like having hefty fines to those who neutralise water and not just a tab on the wrist.imputable to rapid industrialization and a lack of wastewater treatment system, a large number of surface and ground water is bemire and so not safely available for human use. Water contamination can result from a numerous causes which include agricultural return carrys, industry, and dwelling servant uses. Both surface and groundwater are regularly affected. Destruction of the riverine environment decreases the popular ability of a river to deal with with pollution.The largest water exploitation sector is agriculture. This is a common reality worldwide. As population increases, ever greater mash is placed on agriculture to produce food. This in turn results in increased water demand. Water scarcity and food security are therefore directly related.In addition, using additional water than is returned in rain, people are polluting the water that they have. For example, most of the pesticides as well as fertilizers used in agriculture, sewer overflows and oil and grease from road will run off into water system. The other source of excess nutrients such as lawn fertilizers, pet and farm animal waste, decaying plant material. Industrial plants waste water treatment plants can also cont ribute the level of hepatotoxic substance enter the river and lake which will resulted in polluted water.Politicians and decision-makers are the people who have highest influence on the distribution of improve water shortage budgets and the adoption of policy. Unfortunately, a lot of politicians do not agree with the parameters of practical water resource management and this result in judgements are being made on the basis of short-term political feasibility.The effects of water shortages are the most noticeable to the everyday man. More than half of the worlds hospital beds are filled by people suffering from water connectored diseases as well as n primeval 20% of deaths to children under age five being credited to water related issues. Water related diseases include a wide variety of well-known and feared ailments such as Malaria, Lice, dengue fever, Hepatitis and other more.Water shortage will pose major(ip) nation or global challenges as it would reduce agricultural productio n as well as lead to an increase in food and water prices. This will greatly affect consumers disposable income, businesses profits and economical growth. Water can also become a source of conflicts among communities, states and countries. develop countries such as Malaysia are more harshly affected by water shortages problem. Lack of clean and fresh water will caused health concerns and human loss as a result of poor hygiene. A lot of people who cannot get supply of clean water on a regular basis will end up using unclean water from streams which are usually contaminated. Those who are using contaminated water will develop health complications like cholera, diarrhea and other more in the long run.Besides that, hunger is other banish effect related with water shortage. Water shortage will link to agriculture. With lesser water, the crops produce will be lesser thus in the long run will leads to hunger and thirst.Water Rationing enduranceWater rationing means the water company wi ll narrow the fresh water supply to domestic and industrial area. During water rationing period it is needed for people to save water and preserve from wasting away it.There are a few survival skills during water rationing such as greywater recycling. Greywater recycling is the waste water generated from washing car and dishwasher is used for other stuff. The greywater can be used for cleanup spot the house compound, flushing mint and many more. So, never pour water belt down the drain when there may be additional use for it for example water a plant or garden, or for cleaning. This can be done by while taking showers, place a bucket in the showers to catch excess water and use the water for cleaning or flushing the heap. This can be apply when washing dishes or veggie in the sink.Next, it would be turning off the main water valves when it is not in used. As during water shortage, water is very limited. Thus when the local officials advice on the water rationing, it is better to off the main water valves to interrupt those already in the tank is contaminated.Apart from that, during water rationing, it is best to reclaim broken or leaking pipes. This is to prevent extra water being mindless unnecessarily. This can be done by repairing dripping faucets by substitution their washers. another(prenominal) order is to check for tooshie tank leaks by adding food colouring into the tank. If the toilet is leaking, colour will appear in the toilet bowl within 30 minutes to an hour. It is good to check the toilet for worn out, corroded or bent parts. Most of the replacement parts are inexpensive, readily available as well as soft installed.During shower, it is better to take shorter shower instead of long bath. Replace the showerhead with ultra-low flow version. Some of the ultra-low flow version allows users to cut off the flow without adjusting the water temperature knobs. In the shower, turn on the water to get wet and turn off after the body is wet then turn sticker on to rinse off. Repeat it when washing the hair too. Avoid flushing the toilet unreasonably. Throw of tissues, insects and other related waste in the dustbin earlier than the toilet bowl.For the lawn, do not overwater the lawn. As a general rule, lawns only need watering every five to seven days in a week. Heavy rain will eliminate the need of watering for up to two weeks. If possible, do buy a rain grass and use it to measure the rain that land on the lawn. Water lawns during the early morning hours when temperatures and are the lowest. This reduces water losses from evaporation.Another method is having bigger water storage. With less water used on days when the water is rationed, it is best to realigning the use of fresh water. Having extra storage in the house will be good if water rationing period is panoptic for a day or two. If the water storage is on the roof, it had to be big enough to store water for drinking, bathing and cooking.Recommendation to th e Causes placeThere are a lot of steps that can be taken to solve water shortage issues. One of them is rainwater harvest-festival system. Rainwater harvesting system will cut down the system of treated water used for car washing, toilet as well as general cleaning. This will save up on the water bills. One huge problem is finding sufficient space for the rain water harvesting system to be installed. It is not a lessened piece of device that one can just plug and play.Another recommendation for water shortage is desalinization. desalination is system which can dribble the salty water through membranes and removing the salt through electro dialysis and reverse osmosis process. Desalinization process has worked for about 130 nations in North Africa and Middle East. With the use of this system, these nations are currently producing around six billion of fresh water daily. Since Malaysia is surrounded by sea, it is possible to divulge desalinization process.Besides this, another r ecommendation is to protect water catchment areas. Water consumption is normally divided up into domestic, industry and agriculture. Most of the water consumption is for domestic sector as most of the industries and agriculture use lancinating water instead. Government should introduce more water catchment areas for example forest and lakes. These are the areas that must take into consideration of future need of raw water. These areas should be register as national park so no deforestation and no development could be done at that area. Thus, this would ensure the future supply of raw water.Government should improve the water supply infrastructures as a method to prevent water shortage. The government could build more service reservoirs to prevent water shortage. A service reservoir could store up to a minimum one or two days of storage of water.On top of that, government should use meters as a method to reminder how much water does people are sending down the drains, flushing in toilets and pouring over their gardens. Meter is the fairest way to charge for water and the people need to be held responsible for what they use. For example, a family of four uses as much water in a day as a sprinkler uses in an hour. If people are using sprinkle and swimming pool, they need to afford extra.Apart from that, the government should persuade and educate people to use less water. Small actions like turning off the taps during washing up could save a lot of water. For example, by turning off the tap while brushing teeth would save a lot of water. If a normal tap runs at five litres a minute, people do brush their teeth for two minutes for twice a day. It would be 20 litres that goes down the sink.Another method is by charging the water base on the water quality. A raw water quality ground raw water tariff should also be in place to ensure the governments are receiving income by safe guarding the water catchment areas to secure raw water resources. Safe guarding water catchment areas will preserve the raw water quality and reduce cost of treating water which will be translated to affordable water tariff.ConclusionIn conclusion, stopping water crisis from reaching sad level needs more concern of people as well as governments. It can be an effective ways to increase consciousness among all people from all walks of life regarding the shortage of water and what people have to face in the future if the uncontrolled water usage is not stopped. Governments should implement laws to penalize uncontrollable use of water. People should be wiser and miser in using water. Everyone must think of better ways to crack oneself so that water is not wasted. It is better to come up with oversight than solution. Finally, people should safeguard the environment and filter unwanted pollutants before it is unloose to the environmentReferenceToltal Words 2598 words1

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Reducing Adverse Drug Events in Older Adults

Reducing Adverse dose Events in Older AdultsGabrielle S. BumaWith age comes the prospect of seven-fold wellness problems that may ask manipulation with several medicinal drugs and multiple prescribers. The likelihood of morbidities and comorbidities such as, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension increases with age. Mevery elderly with child(p)s also take over the counter medicines, vitamins, and some other supplements along with their positive medicaments. The wont of these multiple kinds of medicinal drugs is called polypharmacy, and if done so the right way the use of multiple musics give the axe have positive events in the treatment and maintenance of disease plainly if non used correctly the drugs could be less effective and result in expensive drug-related morbidity and mortality. The authorisation for Healthc are Research and Quality claim that more than 770,000 people are injured or die each year from Adverse Drug Effects (ADEs) (Lynn, 2012). What makes this even more of a concern is that more experts cogitate that ADEs are signifi freightertly underreported. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, the yearbook cost associated with drug-related morbidity and mortality has been estimated to be at around $177 gazillion (Roth, Weinberger Campbell, 2009). many factors play a percentage in the fibre medicine use in elderly pornographics these factors can be considered overuse, underuse, and corrupt. The ravish of practice of medicine that leads to ill drug effects in older adults can be slap-uply reduced by improving health literacy and prescribing atomic number 101 and unhurried communication.According to the Institute of medication, health literacy is considered an individuals capacity to obtain, process, and hear basic health information and services necessitate to make set aside health decisions (Martin, Kripalani, DuRapau, 2013). Currently in the United States, the older adult s that are 65 old age and older represent the roundst group with the lowest general literacy and health literacy skills in the country (Bennett, Chen, Soroui White, 2009). This means that there is a large good deal of the older adults over 65 that are making health decisions with the likelihood of not fully arrangement them. Older adults over 65 years of age also have the highest come in of chronic illness of any other age group. The combination of low levels of literacy and high prevalence of multiple chronic conditions with multiple medications are major contri just nowing factors to the high set out of ADEs in older adults. The article, Preventing medication Errors, in the Institute of Medicine cited that unforesightful longanimous role science and unintentional misuse of ethical drug drugs as a significant cause for medication error and worse health outcomes (Martin, Kripalani, DuRapau, 2013). Many older adults are simply accidentally misusing prescribed medications due to a low level of health literacy. Low literacy in older adults and Medicare recipients affects their pictureing of complex medication stigmatizes, instructions, and regimens (Martin, Kripalani, DuRapau, 2013). A way to improve older adults understanding of prescription drug drugs especially among those with limited literacy is greatly needed to prevent unintentional use that lead to AEDs, before the improvement can be made we need to first understand the factors associated with patients understanding of prescription drugs and their labeling.According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, adults who are socioeconomically single out that are a part of minority groups are more belike to be in poorer health (Davis, Wolf, Bass, Middlebrooks, Kennen, Baker, . . . . Parker, 2006 ). In the teach, Low Literacy Impairs Comprehension of prescription drug Drug Warning Labels, the authors mensural a group of 251 adults power to correctly interpret commonly used prescription medication labels. They measured the participants health literacy by having an expert board evaluating the patients interpretation of the commonly used prescription medication labels. The results showed that one-third of patients were information at or below a sixth grade level and that a patients comprehension of example labels was associated with their level of literacy. The result that low literacy is associated with low comprehension and a bar understanding of warning labels on prescription medications is not a surprisal because the labels use terminology about a 6th grade reading level (Davis, Wolf, Bass, Middlebrooks, Kennen, Baker, . . . . Parker, 2006 ). The multistep instructions were effectuate difficult for patients across all literacy levels. I form it surprising that the multistep instructions were difficult for all reading levels, but the meditate explains that the more steps a labels has the less concise and liberate it tends to be to the patient. If the mul tistep instructions are a challenge for all literacy levels to understand thus I would assume that it is quite challenging for a large population of the older adults who tend to have the lowest levels of literacy and so many different medications to keep track of with each having multistep directions.The subject field did offer recommendations that would servicing the understanding of medication labels for all literacy levels. These recommendations include warning labels being essential with consumer involvement, especially with lower literate populations, attempt to keep the steps short, relieve oneself and concise with familiar words and recognizable icons. After reading this study, I was surprised to learn that more prescription drug labels are not developed with the use of consumer participation, one would assume the in the developing of the instructions that it would be a priority to develop the instructions with consumer participation. It seems that more consumer partici pation with all health literacy levels would help create more user comradely labels that could result in a significant decrease in misuse of prescription drugs.The study, amend Medication Management among At-risk Older Adults, evaluates health literacy but also medication self-efficacy and medication adherence. One reference in the study shows an alarming 54.3% of Medicare enrollees with limited health literacy were unable to understand what is considered simple medication instructions such as. take on an empty stomach, (Martin, Kripalani, DuRapau, 2013). The study describes a note improvement pilot project where they provide at-risk older adults with illustrated medication instructions as an approach to improve medication understating use. In the part improvement pilot project they evaluated the effect of their intervention on the older adults confidence in managing their medication and their self-reported adherence. This study, Improving Medication Management among At-risk O lder Adults, took place at an adult day content were medication errors and misunderstanding medication instructions were identified as a problem. The authors and staff provided the adult day care centers participants with illustrated characterisation of their daily schedule PictureRx with the goal to improve the older adults understanding of medication instructions and improve medication safety. The illustrated aid shows the older adults medications pictorially, uses what they consider plain language for the instructions, and uses icons to aid patients in understanding the purpose and the dosing schedule (Martin, Kripalani, DuRapau, 2013). The PictureRx cards were used for six weeks and accordingly the participants were surveyed along with reassessing their self-efficacy and adherence, as well as their perception on the PictureRx cards.The results showed that after(prenominal) the use of the PictureRx cards the participants reported much less forms of non-adherence and confiden ce significantly improved in areas of self-efficacy, such as correctly taking medications and pursuit a routine. This article provides a valuable assessment of older adults health literacy and applies an intervention that resulted in an improved adherence and self-efficacy in older adults. When comparing the participant assessment before for the use of PictureRx and then the reassessment after shows a notably significant improvement. This pilot study shows an efficient way to improve older adults conglomerate health literacy levels and provides them with a way to better understand their overall medication regimens. I think something very similar to the PictureRx would be a great tool to implement for pharmacists when filling medications for older adults at the pharmacy and can provide a good reference for doctors when explaining medications to patients especially since doctors are so limited on the amount of time they can spend with a patient.Proper patient provider communication plays a huge role in a patients ability to understand their medications and ability to properly follow their medication regimes. Good communication about health history and medications with a provider and a patient could prevent the misuse of medication and an ADE. Before prescribing a new medication, the prescribing doctor is supposed to critical review the patients current medications, including over the counter medications, vitamins, supplements, and the patients health history. The article, doc Communication When Prescribing New Medications from the Archives of Internal Medicine recommends that prescribing physicians should educate their patients about their medications purpose, how and when to take it, and the medications expected adverse effects. The patient and physician interaction is an opportunity for the physician to educate the patient on these topics which may reduce nonadherence that can be a result from poor understanding about medication use.The article also describ es and assesses the quality of physician communication with patients about newly prescribed medications. The authors assess the providers communication through an observational study that combined patient and physician surveys and audiotaped 860 of the 909 participating patients while 270 new medications were prescribed (Tarn, Heritage, Hays Kravitz, 2006). During these visits the authors measured the quality of physician communication when prescribing new medications. The study by Tarn, Heritage, Hays, and Kravitz found that physicians stated full medication dosing directions for less than 60% of all of the medications that had been prescribed and informed the patients about the duration intake and ADEs for one third of the time. The study shares that ADEs were addressed for 35% of the medications and how long to take the medication was addressed at 34%. Although patients may be able to find information about their medications from different sources such as, a pharmacists and medi cation package inserts, information from their visits with the prescribing physician is inadequate to meet the patients needs.ConclusionThe study found that the use of precise wording on prescription drug label instructions can improve patient understanding of how to take the medication patients with limited literacy were more likely to misinterpret instructions despite use of more explicit language Patients that have a limited literacy rate and those who are taking more medications are at a great risk for misuse.Reference PageDavis, T. C., Federman, A. D., Wolf, M. S. (2009). Improving patient understanding of prescription drug label instructions. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 24(1), 57-Davis, T., Wolf, M., Bass, P., Middlebrooks, M., Kennen, E., Baker, D., . . . . Parker, R. (2006). Low literacy impairs comprehension of prescription drug warning labels. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 21(8), 847-851.Martin, D., Kripalani, S., DuRapau, J. (2012). Improving medicati on management among at-risk older adults. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 38(6), 24-34.Roth, M., Weinberger, M., Campbell, W. (2009). Measuring the quality of medication use in older adults.Journal of the American Geriatrics Society,57(6), 1096-1102.Tarn, D. M., Heritage, J., Paterniti, D. A., Hays, R. D., Kravitz, R. L. (2006). Physician communication when prescribing new medications . Archive of Internal Medicine, 166(17), 1855-1862.

Compare And Contrast Two Successful Global Companies Commerce Essay

equalize And Contrast Two Successful Global Companies Commerce EssayIn this paper we shall evaluate, compare and contrast two favored world(a) companies UPS and UPS is the worlds largest software system deli real companionship and a leading global provider of vary transportation and logistics services (UPS, n.d.). It continues to diversify in its product offering. UPS is the third largest employer in the US and has been operating for the last 103 days. On the other hand, is atomic number 53 of the successful survivors of the internet boom in the late 90s. By 2008 Amazon had p subaltern a global brand with other 76 million active agent customers accounts and had earned itself the reputation of offering earths biggest selection of books.Being a conjunction that was founded in 1995, it is not surprising that is still led by its prestidigitator founder Jeffrey Bezos. has a small counselling core that co-ordinates a realistic/bou ndary less memorial tabletal structure that has been necessitated by the nature of its backing. UPS on the other hand is run by a highly centralized management committee that is mostly organized into functions. At the global level we catch out business units. Both organizations though are structurally organized to erect efficiency along their supply chains. According to Lambert and Cooper (2000) matchless of the most significant paradigm shifts of modern business management is that idiosyncratic businesses no longer compete as solely autonomous entities, besides rather as supply chains (p.65).Further, in this emerging matched environment, the ultimate success of the single business will depend on managements ability to integrate the companys intricate network of business relationships (Lambert Cooper, 2000). The two companies disaccord here in that whereas UPS owns most of its supply chain operations as epitomized by its 400,000 employees, 600 plus airplanes, more than 90, 000 delivery trucks and 72,000 retail outlets manages its supply chain through a network of partnerships with companies such as Toys R Us and Borders in the US, and Waterstones in the UK etc.Indeed, as new technologies provide opportunities to radically change business and industry economics, the need to frame strategy and its slayinghas become increasingly importantfor executives and entrepreneurs who are searching for opportunities to create and campaign game-changing innovations (orchard apple treegate, 2008, p.21).Information Technology (IT) has been central to both organizations though manifested differently in their strategies. For UPS, IT has been the potential change factor for the last decade. By building up their IT network and database capacity through such innovations as eLogistics and UPS OnLine Tools the company was adapted to redefine its core business through what Varian (2003) refers to as new combinations of rich means.The case for is diff erent because it is an e-business where IT is a fundamental component. Nevertheless, has been able to develop proprietary technologies with the functionality and features that simplify and improve there customer shopping experience. It is this that made the organisation to prosper while other dot-coms failed. has been able to achieve awareness, customer commitment and repeat purchases, a form of customer lock-in According to Varian (2003) this tact by skips dispersion of willingness to commit, which is a form of price discrimination and increases barriers to ingress.When we look at the effect of ostiarys five forces to these two companies we are enabled to understand their strategic intents better. In the case of UPS we see a highly agonistical industry with good brands to compete against such as FedEx, DHL and US Postal Service. The few powerful brand names, high fixed cost, trade tariffs and international regulations make entry into this in dustry difficult thus reducing threat of new entrants. emptor power is moderate in spite of the low switching costs for customers because individually they are too small to have an impact. Threat of substitutes is low considering that few competitors can match UPSs airfreight. The biggest threat for UPS comes in the form of intemperate supplier power. This is manifested through labor problems, fuel costs and capacity constraints for physical exertion UPS reported a fourth-quarter 2007 net loss of $2.58 billion mainly repayable to a $6.1 billion pension-related charge.For industry rivalry is in like manner high in particular with such competitors care eBay, Barnes Noble and Wal-Mart, high threat of substitutes from specialist e-commerce sites e.g. Apple iTunes store for music downloads and low power of suppliers such as publishers who husking competition with online companies so expensive and challenging that they prefer entering into partnerships. though the capi tal expenditure required to enter into e-commerce is low has been able to reduce threat of new entrants through demand side benefits of scale, development of proprietary technologies, brand identity and effective and efficient distribution channels. According to Porter (2008)Demand side benefits of scale arise in industries where a buyers willingness to pay a companys product increases with the number of other buyers who also patronize the company (p.4)The future performance projections for UPS for at least the next five years should be high considering that the company has been able to successfully transform itself from one oriented towards becoming the leading package delivery company into an enablers of global e-commerce. In spite of this the company has also successfully maintained its steady culture that has made it have a low rate of employee upset throughout its history. The firms commitment to continual development of game changing business models e.g. leasing i ts call center capacity to a customers, supporting and managing entire back-end systems for corporations like Nike etc, and its quick embracing of new technologies are bound to keep UPS very competitive for the near though is in a less sure industry where disruptive technologies have the ability to change the entire industry overnight. Moreover, e-commerce aspiring entrants armed with new capacity and hungry for market care could easily ratchet up the investment required for to stay in business (Porter, 2008) which is not the case for UPSs industry. Customers in this industry are also more fickle as their online experience evolves and could easily be emaciated to substitute offerings. Nevertheless, we cannot take away Amazon.coms relentlessly focus on customer experience and customer loyalty which enabled them survive the dot-com bubble burst. With the chimerical founder till at the helm we should expect to maintain its competitive edge.

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Childhood Memories of Dad :: Personal Narrative

A memento is a reminder of the past, a lionizesake. They come in galore(postnominal) shapes and sizes. People and objects for many diverse reasons. In my case, I allow for forever keep and pass on my keepsake to my children beca engross of the many pricey and bad memories it evokes from my childishness and about my begin. It is a lime green 1976 KX250 diddlysquat cycle per second that my father had given to me as a child to cure and was exactly the corresponding as the one he had bought as a teen. It is all obtuse with a lime green gas tankful that says Kawasaki and has two life-sized knobby tires. It is one of the first race models that was produced for use on motocross grime tracks and also the same as the first roulette wheel I would ever ride. The bike that would bring my father and I soaked together, and the bike that would open me love riding off road vehicles forever. I was only knee-high to a grasshopper when I first tangle the wail of a two stroke engine underneath me. The preventative that bike make was like a mothers dim voice to a crying baby. I would usually but be sitting interior my grandparents house playing video games when I would here the blasting purr of the motorcycles engine. I would wild up with jibe excitement and usually run to the door to carry out if my daddy was spillage to take me for a ride. Most of the time I would end up in sheer joy, but occasionally, I would just get a feeling of disappointment. Its the good times that I remember the best. I would put my worst clothes on because I k natural I was button to get dirty. Then I would run international to see my soda pop putting his helmet on and revving the lime green bike up, while liberal blue smoke seeped from the exhaust pipe, which ran underneath the shameful engine. After I was done putting on the shiny new helmet and goggles that my Dad had bought me, he would pick me up and place me righteousness in social movement of him, bet ween him and the gas tank, so I could think about on to the crossbar on the handlebars. Then as he let the atomic number 13 clutch prize out easy and gradually twisted the throttle, we would travel rapidly off slightly the gate and down the dirt road slow the house.Childhood Memories of Dad Personal Narrative A memento is a reminder of the past, a keepsake. They come in many shapes and sizes. People save objects for many diverse reasons. In my case, I will forever keep and pass on my keepsake to my children because of the many good and bad memories it evokes from my childhood and about my father. It is a lime green 1976 KX250 dirt bike that my father had given to me as a child to restore and was exactly the same as the one he had bought as a teen. It is all black with a lime green gas tank that says Kawasaki and has two large knobby tires. It is one of the first race models that was produced for use on motocross dirt tracks and also the same as the first bike I would ever ride. The bike that would bring my father and I close together, and the bike that would make me love riding off road vehicles forever. I was only knee-high to a grasshopper when I first felt the wail of a two stroke engine underneath me. The noise that bike made was like a mothers soft voice to a crying baby. I would usually just be sitting inside my grandparents house playing video games when I would here the loud purr of the motorcycles engine. I would light up with total excitement and usually run to the door to see if my Dad was going to take me for a ride. Most of the time I would end up in sheer joy, but occasionally, I would just get a feeling of disappointment. Its the good times that I remember the best. I would put my worst clothes on because I knew I was going to get dirty. Then I would run outside to see my Dad putting his helmet on and revving the lime green bike up, while light blue smoke seeped from the exhaust pipe, which ran underneath the black engine. Aft er I was done putting on the shiny new helmet and goggles that my Dad had bought me, he would pick me up and place me right in front of him, between him and the gas tank, so I could hold on to the crossbar on the handlebars. Then as he let the aluminum clutch lever out easy and gradually twisted the throttle, we would speed off around the gate and down the dirt road behind the house.

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Puff Daddy :: essays research papers

SEAN JOHN COMBS, the rap and habiliment impresario still lift out k right offn as Puff Daddy, a sobriquet he has now abandoned, stood before a conference display board in his companys Midtown Manhattan headquarters recently, addressing his designers. svelte in a black baseball cap, a black island of Jersey and black cut-off denim shorts - his barely flash a abundant square diamond stud in each earlobe - he projected a decidedly flagitious mien. The designers listened intently. When he paused, as he did several times, there were no questions. They knew to sojourn until he solicited their advice."There testament be tho three Sean lavatory T-shirts in the coming collection," he said. A few designers let out timid sighs at such a seemingly self-destructive edict subsequently all, clothes with the Sean John raise, initials or crest make up a big slice of his companys sales. "Im move you on rations," he said, laughing. "From now on, I want people to me ditate the take in without seeing the name. You get me?"Messing with the name is no small gamble, nor is it the only one he is taking. Sean John is already a well-known check off - at least in households with teenagers, who glide by most $42 meg a year to look good.Mr. Combss company, Sean John, has about $400 million of that business, roughly of it from urban flares like baggy, crotch-at-the knee trousers, prominently branded T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, or "hoodies." nevertheless Mr. Combs, who sometimes goes by the rapper name P. Diddy but is known to associates as Puffy, is looking to expand well beyond the urban niche.A potentiometer of other rap and rhythm-and-blues celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Beyonc clear decided they have the style to create clothes, but Mr. Combs is the one who analysts regularize has the best chance of devising the transition to the mainstream.That could be particularly moneymaking(a) for Mr. Combs, who, unlike most of his c ompetitors, has retained control of his company. (By contrast, Russell Simmons, another rap impresario, change his Phat Fashions to Kellwood, a giant vesture producer, for $140 million last year.)"Sean John felt he has the heftiness to go it alone," said Eric M. Beder, an analyst at Brean Murray & Company, a rising York investment bank.Going it alone, though, will blind drunk having to tackle some serious problems, starting with two years of to a greater extent or less like a shot sales and a net injury last year. That is compounded by signs that the urbanwear trend is past its peak, and by grassroots business problems like disorganise distribution.Puff Daddy essays research papers SEAN JOHN COMBS, the rap and clothing impresario still best known as Puff Daddy, a sobriquet he has now abandoned, stood before a conference table in his companys Midtown Manhattan headquarters recently, addressing his designers.Dressed in a black baseball cap, a black T-shirt and black cut-off denim shorts - his only flash a large square diamond stud in each earlobe - he projected a decidedly serious mien. The designers listened intently. When he paused, as he did several times, there were no questions. They knew to wait until he solicited their advice."There will be only three Sean John T-shirts in the coming collection," he said. A few designers let out wispy sighs at such a seemingly self-destructive edict after all, clothes with the Sean John name, initials or crest make up a big slice of his companys sales. "Im putting you on rations," he said, laughing. "From now on, I want people to read the name without seeing the name. You get me?"Messing with the name is no small gamble, nor is it the only one he is taking. Sean John is already a well-known brand - at least in households with teenagers, who spend about $42 billion a year to look good.Mr. Combss company, Sean John, has about $400 million of that business, most of it from urba n styles like baggy, crotch-at-the knee trousers, conspicuously branded T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, or "hoodies." But Mr. Combs, who sometimes goes by the rapper name P. Diddy but is known to associates as Puffy, is looking to expand well beyond the urban niche.A stack of other rap and rhythm-and-blues celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Beyonc have decided they have the style to create clothes, but Mr. Combs is the one who analysts say has the best chance of making the transition to the mainstream.That could be particularly lucrative for Mr. Combs, who, unlike most of his competitors, has maintained control of his company. (By contrast, Russell Simmons, another rap impresario, sold his Phat Fashions to Kellwood, a giant clothing producer, for $140 million last year.)"Sean John felt he has the heft to go it alone," said Eric M. Beder, an analyst at Brean Murray & Company, a New York investment bank.Going it alone, though, will mean having to tackle some serious pr oblems, starting with two years of more or less flat sales and a net loss last year. That is compounded by signs that the urbanwear trend is past its peak, and by basic business problems like disorganized distribution.

Edna as a Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopin’s The Awakening Essay

Edna as a Metaphorical Lesbian in Chopins The AwakeningElizabeth LeBlanc places The Awakening in an interesting context in her essay The Metaphorical Lesbian, as sexual urge criticism must, for Chopin wrote the novel at the end of the 19th century, when homosexuality as an identity emerged ethnically, at least in terms of the gay priapic identity, as proffered by Oscar Wilde across the Atlantic. Lesbianism, too, started to make its de exclusively on the cultural stage, particularly in literature. However, although lesbianism started to emerge during Chopins lifetime, it seems doubtful that it played all formative role for Ednas characterization. Yet sexual activity criticism often requires a reading of a text in light of gender and sexuality regardless of authorial intent. LeBlanc wisely stops short of job Edna an authentic lesbian, instead appropriating Bonnie Zimmermans metaphorical lesbian by which a character engages in a variety of woman-identified practices that suggest b ut stop short of sexual encounters, often falling into the continuum of female-centered relationships as identif...

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Paralysis in Dubliners Essay -- Literacy Analysis

In his letters, Joyce himself has said that Dubliners was meant to betray the person of that unilateral palsy or paralysis which worldly concerny consider a city (55). The paralysis he was talking ab appear is the paralysis of action. The characters in Dubliners exemplify paralysis of action in their inability to escape their lives. In another of Joyces writings, A depicting of the Artist as a progeny Man, Joyce writes of Ireland When the soul of a man is born in this coun stress there be nets flung at it to wet-nurse it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fell by those nets (Joyce 238). The characters of Dubliners expect similar nets that prevent them from escaping their lives. Unfortunately, their attempts to fly by those nets atomic number 18 not eternally present the characters often do not try to transmutation out of their lives (as in Clay). In the case that they do attempt to break their paralysis, the characters ty pically fail, or at least such is the case for the period before and during the story that the reader observes. The causes of this persistent paralysis vary amidst the characters some are paralyse by deficiency of motivation or tutelage, others by familial or other bonds by religion, addictions, by innocent wishing of resources, or misconceptions or misinterpretations of events or words. or so all of the characters in the stories covered in class share fear or lack of will as the cause for their being paralyzed in their lives. To obligate an example, Chandler from A Little Cloud wants to break vacate of his dull vivification to become a writer and explore the world. However, he lacks confidence in himself. Shyness had always held him back, in all aspects of his life, from indication poetry to his married woman to enter... ...ple no matter what city they are in. that as Joyce shows us, the opening night is there to break out of the mold to take a crap a meaty life fr om a once dull existence. whole kit CitedBrendle, Mark. Paralysis and Epiphany in Dubliners. Web log post. Unabashedly Bookish. Barnes & Noble, 14 Oct. 2010. Web. 22 Apr. 2012.Fairhall, James. Joyces DUBLINERS. Explicator 43.2 (1985) 28. Academic chase Premier.Web. 22 Apr. 2012.Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. tonic York, B.W. Huebsch, 1922. Print.Joyce, James. Dubliners. Ed. Margot Norris. New York W.W. Norton, 2006. Print.Joyce, James. Letters of James Joyce. Ed. Stuart Gilbert. New York Viking, 1957. Print.Rice, Thomas Jackson. substitution class Lost Grace And The Arrangement Of Dubliners. Studies In Short fable 32.3 (1995) 405. Academic count Premier. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. Paralysis in Dubliners Essay -- Literacy synopsis In his letters, Joyce himself has said that Dubliners was meant to betray the soul of that hemiplegia or paralysis which many consider a city (55). The paralysis he was talking about is the paralysis of action. The char acters in Dubliners exemplify paralysis of action in their inability to escape their lives. In another of Joyces writings, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Joyce writes of Ireland When the soul of a man is born in this country there are nets flung at it to hold it back from flight. You talk to me of nationality, language, religion. I shall try to fly by those nets (Joyce 238). The characters of Dubliners face similar nets that prevent them from escaping their lives. Unfortunately, their attempts to fly by those nets are not always present the characters often do not try to break out of their lives (as in Clay). In the case that they do attempt to break their paralysis, the characters typically fail, or at least such is the case for the time before and during the story that the reader observes. The causes of this persistent paralysis vary between the characters some are paralyzed by lack of motivation or fear, others by familial or other bonds by religion, addictions, by simp le lack of resources, or misconceptions or misinterpretations of events or words.Most all of the characters in the stories covered in class share fear or lack of will as the cause for their being paralyzed in their lives. To give an example, Chandler from A Little Cloud wants to break free of his dull life to become a writer and explore the world. However, he lacks confidence in himself. Shyness had always held him back, in all aspects of his life, from reading poetry to his wife to enter... ...ple no matter what city they are in. But as Joyce shows us, the possibility is there to break out of the mold to create a meaningful life from a once dull existence. Works CitedBrendle, Mark. Paralysis and Epiphany in Dubliners. Web log post. Unabashedly Bookish. Barnes & Noble, 14 Oct. 2010. Web. 22 Apr. 2012.Fairhall, James. Joyces DUBLINERS. Explicator 43.2 (1985) 28. Academic Search Premier.Web. 22 Apr. 2012.Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. New York, B.W. Huebsch, 1 922. Print.Joyce, James. Dubliners. Ed. Margot Norris. New York W.W. Norton, 2006. Print.Joyce, James. Letters of James Joyce. Ed. Stuart Gilbert. New York Viking, 1957. Print.Rice, Thomas Jackson. Paradigm Lost Grace And The Arrangement Of Dubliners. Studies In Short Fiction 32.3 (1995) 405. Academic Search Premier. Web. 22 Apr. 2012.

Security Versus Privacy Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive essays

Security Versus PrivacyAs a result of 9/11, our country has been faced with a new issue electronic privacy. The terrorists that attacked us used our own technology against us to protect their activities from our view. Because of this, we are straight forced to make a decision between cardinal loveable things privacy and discipline security. On the one hand, our right to privacy provide ensure that our personal rights are not violated, whereas, on the other hand, national security would solelyow us some comfort against the evil in the valet. What are we supposed to do? This issue, however it is decided, forget have big impact on each and every one of our lives. The ruling that the regimen makes concerning this issue impart greatly alter the course of our nation and our lives. Our world can either offer complete privacy, which will protect so far the criminals from sight, or it will be a closely monitored space that virtually completely eliminates our rights as a free pers on. Now, it is very unlikely, however, that the world will reach one of these two extremes. A quote from The Economist says it well. Amidst all this sound and fury, both sides need to consider the fundamental question in light of the attack, where must the balancing point between security and self-sufficiency be set (The Economist). It does not seem possible to stray to either extreme. Instead, these two issues are dep haltent on each other. in that respectfore, our country must essay to find a balance between the two extremes. The government will, however, end up favoring one idea over the other, and that is the crucial part. Their decision will forever change the way people use technology, for personal, business, and other uses.There are currently a few main solutions pertaining to th... ....Bill of Rights. n.d. Cornell natural law School. 30 March 2002. Brown, Jason. face-to-face interview (MOO Lecture). 4 April 2002.Economist. 29 kinsfolk 2001. 27 February 2002 Electroni c Frontier Foundation. n.d. 29 March 2002 Grier, Peter. ?Fragile Freedoms.? Christian Science Monitor 13 December 2001. 29 March 2001 Knouse, Lois E. Personal interview. 11 April 2002.Leahy, Patrick. Statement Of Senator Patrick Leahy. 25 October 2001. U.S. Senate. 27 February 2002 McCullagh, Declan. ?Congress Mulls Stiff Crypto Laws.? fit out Magazine 13 September 2001. 29 March 2002

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The Nature of Good and Evil in Stevensons The Strange case of Dr Jekyl

The Nature of Good and darkness in Stevensons The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Introduction Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is the story of a clever doctor who discovers a drug which bed release the evil berth of ones nature. This drug changes Dr Jekyll into Mr Hyde. Stevenson does not reveal the details of Jekylls story until the end of the novel, precisely presents the tale as mystery, in which the main characters search to figure bulge out the identity of Mr Hyde and understand his strange relationship with Dr Jekyll. This story follows the gothic musical genre and below I will explain some gothic features that argon used in this story This story follows The Faust Motif. This is The use of a giant (Mr Hyde) Due to the fact that he looks abnormal, disabled and is ugly people opinion uncomfortable around him and scared to stand eitherwhere near him. other feature would be that Dr Jekyll has a second self or in other words an alternate identit y being Mr Hyde. This book uses quadruplicate narratives. This is when the story is told through and through many different perspectives so that the reader can make up his own mind about what the story is truly about. This story we first study through the perspective of Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield as they try to discover the relationship between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. thusly as the story progresses we hear Mr Hydes story and towards the end we hear Dr Jekyll story. I think that Stevenson was trying to scan that good and evil cannot be changed or intervened with using the aid of science. He gets his point across when we find out how Dr Jekyll ends up suffering and tip to his own downfall by trying to get rid of hi... ...t they need seen, experienced and had evidence of rather than talking about what they have perceive Conclusion In this essay I have gone through the main points of the story. From the beginning where Mr Hyde tramples the young g irl and Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield decide to track Mr Hyde. Then I carried on by going onto how the doors of houses and other places can symbolise what is behind them and what type of person uses them. After that I analysed Mr Hyde in deepness and discussed his actions. Including when he trampled the young girl and paid her family money to avoid any sort of trouble. Then he brutally murdered Sir Danvers Carew, even though from the maids perspective it seemed as if they were friends. Then I commented on the use of nine-fold narratives and the relationship between the narrators.

The Physics of Archery Essay -- Shooting Sports Hobbies Papers

The Physics of Archery There argon not many activities numerate in there that relax and soothe me quite like shooting my set back. It is not as simple as it sounds though, incisively pulling on the string, releasing the string, and watching the arrow fly towards your target. There are a function of aspects that must be taken into consideration when trying to shoot a bow and arrow efficiently, this is where we will get into the physics of archery.There are two main things to consider when looking at archery and the physics concepts privy it. First there is the bow, which basically is a device that uses human jampack over a distance and converts that into stored Mechanical Potential Energy. The second fixings involves that stored Mechanical Energy being converted once again into kinetic Energy when the string is released, almost all of that Kinetic Energy is transferred into the released arrow. another(prenominal) way to look at a bow is in prise to a border, a bow is almost like a spring that is storing energy that is to be transferred into the arrow once the string is released.To realize the come in of force that is applied from the bow we must look at a enumerate of ideas and concepts. For this application we will use further a curve bow or a Reflex bow, which basically is a commodious piece of wood with a rigid handle and two ductile limbs that are recurved away from the archer. Then those limbs are simply pulled back up towards the archer by the means of a string or number of strings. There are also a number of other bow concepts we could look at, for instance the escalate bow or even the crossbow. The compound bow is similar in design except that it uses cams, pulleys, and mechanical levers to train a greater substance of stored energy with a less amount o... ...or a smaller size of vanes.So just as I said before, shooting a bow is much more than just simply pulling on the string, letting the string go, and watching your arrow f ly towards the target. There is a lot more physics that come into play when shooting than those simple ideas stated in the previous sentence. My only advice to anyone who is interested in shooting a bow and arrow accurately and having fun at the same time would be to practice, practice, practice, and practice near luck, be careful, and have fun. Works Cited Easton, Larry, Basic Concepts of Archery, 1999Kirkpatrick, Larry Wheeler, Gerald, Physics A creative activity View, fourth edition. 2001Ratcliff, Perry Archers Advantage, 1999 http//www.archersadvantage.comRees, Gareth, Stortford Archery Club, The Physics of Medieval Archery, 1995 http//

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evilhod Uncovering Evil in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness Essay exa

Uncovering unfairness in sum of DarknessIn Heart of Darkness, a raw written by Joseph Conrad, the literary characters argon constrained into a electronic network of darkness and demonic as they enter the total of the African congou. However, the Congo itself is not the true evil, but the darkness rather lies within the dimming wagon of mankind. Conrad uses the literal darkness of the African jungle as a oppose to societies supposed enlightenment to show how the morals of cultivated man are broken down when exposed to what they claim to be savagery. This contrast is most evident in the different scopes, the changes in civilise individuals as they take a chance deeper into Africa, and the final collapse of white man under(a) the darkness of the inmost Congo. The setting of Heart of Darkness has a heavy(a) role in depicting the evil that radiates from the African Congo. Marlow, the protagonist and take for granted narrator, presents his story on a boat in the dark of night, as if attempting to create a sense of internal darkness or evil from the black night. This setting serves to foreshadow eve... evilhod Uncovering Evil in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness essay exaUncovering Evil in Heart of DarknessIn Heart of Darkness, a novel written by Joseph Conrad, the literary characters are forced into a web of darkness and evil as they enter the heart of the African Congo. However, the Congo itself is not the true evil, but the darkness instead lies within the dimming hearts of mankind. Conrad uses the literal darkness of the African jungle as a contrast to societies supposed enlightenment to show how the morals of civilized man are broken down when exposed to what they claim to be savagery. This contrast is most evident in the different settings, the changes in civilized individuals as they venture deeper into Africa, and the final collapse of white man under the darkness of the innermost Congo. The setting of He art of Darkness has a profound role in depicting the evil that radiates from the African Congo. Marlow, the protagonist and assumed narrator, presents his story on a boat in the dark of night, as if attempting to create a sense of internal darkness or evil from the black night. This setting serves to foreshadow eve...

Critical Analysis of The Homecoming Essay -- European Literature Harol

Harold Pinters play, The Homecoming, represents a series of urban characters involved in the family relationships whose prime interest is in wining dominance everyplace another, and the depiction of gender roles which radically severed from traditional family in urban life. This essay depart explore the family relationships mingled with the characters against traditional family and how it relates to newfangledity. I will exam the text in the following aspects I will aim the way that in urban life, characters debate for dominance over another, in sample to assert identity in order to secure rage and identity. I will then illustrate the situation of gender roles, in which possess freedom from constraints of tradition notion of being at home. Finally, I will explore the penetration of homecoming and how it against traditional family, as a way to announce itself as modern. Throughout the analysis, I argue that pinter plan the notion that the struggling for power, constantly revo lves around the city, which demonstrates the disruption of traditional family construction and relationships, in order to comment on modernity.The homecoming is located in the north capital of the United Kingdom and introduced in 1965. The boom send is considered as an escort of the post war Britain, which was reeling from the economical and psychological cost after the valet war II. The war has encouraged the disintegration of the class system and usual distrust between the genders. the increasing social acceptability of contraception alleviate to modify tradition of gender roles. In the play of The Homecoming, all of Pinters characters struggle for power over others, and beneath the surface that struggle is again an attempt to assert identity in order to gain attention, admiration,... ...the main site of modern commodification of both nurturing and sexual services. The dysfunctional family relationships are presented through the habit of sexual attraction, as well as the e xertion of dominance between characters in the urban London city after the World War II.ReferenceM. Billington, The life and work of Harold Pinter, London Faber and Faber, 1996. p.168E. Diamond Pinters comic play, Lewisburg Associated University Presses, c1985.J. Donald imagining the modern city (Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press, 1999)P. Penelope, The Pinter ethic the erotic aesthetic. New York Garland, 1994. p.131Gale Stephen H. Harold Pinter critical approaches. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. London Associated University Presses, 1986. p.113Volker S. Harold Pinter towards a poetics of his plays New York P. Lang, c1989.